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Whether you like it or not your looks say a lot about you, and how you look matters. Your job and your physical appearance should complement each other, don’t get so meddled with work that you forget to take care of yourself (including your dress-sense and posture). Working sensibly hard involves working smart and when you work smart, you’ll strive to look smart. It all begins with the way you view and understand things, don’t look shabby all in the name of “job seriousness” or whatever you think is the reason for your shabbiness. When you work in a formal business environment, how you appear really count; imagine a client walking into your organization for the first time and the client sees you looking so dirty, rough or carelessly dressed as the front desk officer or the receptionist, he/she will have a bad first impression about your organization. You shouldn’t give a customer, a first bad impression about your organization. As an individual that works in an organisation, you should know how to combine your outfits in an impressive way, always make sure your cloths are clean and well ironed. Visit the laundry man or dry-cleaner over the weekend, if you’re too tired to do your own laundry.

Always be on a clean and well ironed shirt, tie and trousers, and please don’t forget to grace it up with well polished or neat footwear. For example; for a man, you might look weird by putting on a striped tie on a striped shirt, always possess the right dress sense. Hence, dress the way you want to be addressed, command respect with your handsome look.

Ladies should be neat and modest, wash and watch your armpits, don’t pave the way for bad odor (men should take note of this too), and your fingernails, Keep them neat, painted or not (but it’s advisable you keep them short, keeping your nails longs without proper care will attract dirt and germs). Don’t wear offensive perfumes and get used to cool but natural makeup. After a long day at work, wash your face and keep it smooth, don’t sleep with makeup on, you may wake up with a rough face and that’s not good for business. For a working class man, have a decent nice shave. Ladies, make nice hairdos and know how to combine colours, don’t go all nerdy in flashy colours because you were too tired, lazy or care free to choose the best dress for the day.

It’s great to work hard and it’s also necessary to look good and presentable always. Work as hard, look as best as you’d love to be. Working hard and still looking presentable entails doing the right thing at the right time too. Many a people look shabby because they get stuck with load of activities, which they are unprepared for. They rush and this makes them look rough. Time management is very important; learn how to manage your time efficiently. Lack of time management can make you do the right things at the wrong time or the wrong things at the right time. For instance, you must resume work by 8am and you’re still battling with what to wear…then you just hurriedly pick anything to save time. At the end of the day you dress less than what you represent.

You should also learn to arrange your wears for the week at the end of the weekend, let’s say Sunday evenings. No matter how tired or stressed you maybe, do this. It will help you a lot; you don’t have to just pick anything from your wardrobe because you’re in a rush. Try to arrange your wardrobe too, put your shirts in one place, your trousers or skirts neatly in another place, make sure all this are properly arranged too. If you have an accessory box, arrange it too.

Know the makeup to apply each day and keep your makeup kit tidy. Being healthy will also boost your physical appearance, so eat and drink healthily. Don’t skip major meals and try some workouts at your spare time (in the morning before work, after work or before your sleep), and drink the right amount of water daily. Know what’s harmful to your body, maintain a good skin and keep breath fresh by brushing at least twice daily. All these also embrace time management.

Have a quarterly budget for new wears, to replace the very old or faded ones, you have to create time out of your busy schedule to change or adjust your wardrobe. Your work and your looks should always complement each other. Don’t get worn-out and less fashionable or presentable; remember that all work and no good looks will make you a dull and unattractive working class man/woman, no matter your level of hard work or commitment to your job. Your looks need to command more businesses and looking less presentable will endanger your business relationship life. People want to work with presentable business partners. Endeavour to create time during the weekends, to play and relax with your family, friends and loved ones. This will bring out the inner beauty in you. Relax your nerves before the new working week, this will boost your physical appearance and make you look quite presentable.

To work hard and still look presentable at work isn’t easy, but all you need to do is to be yourself and be happy no matter the situation. Work can be really hard and provoking at times therefore, you have to look beyond that and brace yourself with a happy spirit. Always remember your inner affects your outer, have a happy spirit, love your job, your boss and colleagues. Don’t wear a frown and don’t be discouraged, as this can make you look so lean that your dresses start falling off from your shoulders or your shirts become too big. Don’t let the temporary ills of your work disrupts you from looking permanently good.


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