Midel Center

Creating the Perfect Business Community
Enhance your business by renting a space and becoming a member of  the Midel Center by taking advantage of four floors of purpose built offices nestled in a secure location with direct access to professional networking, conference rooms, board rooms and  training rooms. The Midel Center is more than just a place to run your company – it’s your business made better.
Technical and promotional support. 
Run your business more effectively with  technical support included in your Midel Center residency package. Our experts will help you with everything from secure web hosting to referrals and a quarterly slot in our Midel promotional publications. 
Executive benefits. 
Get more from your business with benefits designed for you. With our flexible letting terms, discounted prices on our conference, training and board rooms, the Midel Center is packed with ways to power and boost your organisation.
Upscaling or Downsizing? – We’ve got you !
At the Midel Centre, we recognise the power of starting small and dreaming big ! With our variety of sizes of offices, the Centre can cater to start ups looking to grow as well as organisations willing to become leaner. Many of our residents started with smaller offices  and have now graduated to bigger sizes. We offer spaces as small as  hot desks and have large office as big as 150sqm.
Take advantage of these great benefits today. Contact our office to book a space.

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The Midel Center
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Become a Resident

The Midel Center is home to a diverse range of resident organisations, start-up businesses and entrepreneurs. We believe this cocktail of expertise, ambition and executive intelligence is vital for the future of Nigerian business. The networking opportunities for visitors to the Center, Center residents and other local businesses are endless. With organisations ranging from environmental specialists and solicitors to architects and publishers, there’s a huge amount of knowledge and opportunity right here under our roof!

You’ll find a current list of the Midel Center’s residents right here. Contact the companies you want to do business with, or come to one of our networking sessions.

Featured Midel Center's Tenants


Enjoy more at the Midel Center. Our facilities are designed to empower and promote your business. Manage your overheads effectively using our flexible lettings scheme; present a professional face to your clients, business partners and employees with fully equipped conference, training and board rooms, and even enjoy internal advertising opportunities thanks to our in-house billboards.

A year’s payment is all you need.

Who says starting or running a small or medium-sized business has to hurt? Protect your bottom line and take better control of your finances with our one-year-only offer. Secure your place at the Midel Center with just a year’s payment.

In-house digital billboards.

Leverage the potential of your fellow Midel Center residents: advertise on our in-house digital billboards. Our digital advertising hoardings are placed in premium positions on the landings of each floor in the Center, ideal for creating awareness of your brand right where it counts.

You’re online as soon as you move in.

The Midel Center’s offices are equipped with extremely high-speed dedicated wireless internet connections. Try our services free for the first month of your occupancy. You’ll be connected to your consumers, clients and partners as soon as you take possession of your new premises.

Shared board rooms.

The Midel Center has been fitted out with two board rooms, each of which sits a minimum of 8 executives. Put your most professional foot forward and impress clients and stakeholders alike with a dedicated meeting space. Our board rooms are fully connected and purpose-built and are available for the use of all resident businesses. Non-residents may also apply for boardroom use.

Transfer your knowledge in our training room.

Our training room seats a minimum of 60 delegates and is ideal for hosting seminars, training days and conferences. It’s hooked up to the internet using wireless routers and has a state-of-the-art public address system and projector for training materials and presentations. The training room is open for use by all Midel Center residents, as well as professional trainers, consultants and facilitators.

One-person office spaces.

We’ve set aside areas on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors of the Midel Center for single-person offices, ideal for new and small businesses. From starting up to sizing down, our one-person office spaces offer budget-conscious professionals the perfect working solution: connected, purpose-built and affordable.

The courtyard: flexible lets for residents.

The heart of the Midel Center is its courtyard: 108 square metres at the focal point of the building. The courtyard can be booked out on a daily basis. Please talk to the management office for details.

Free web presence.

Every business resident at the Midel Center automatically qualifies for a spot on Midel Group’s website. Reach more potential clients, customers and partners without the hassle of starting up and maintaining your own site; or amplify your reach at no extra cost, with a web presence in addition to your existing one.

Personal security services.

The Midel Center is protected by our own personal security firm: but keeping your property and person safe isn’t all we do. Our security guards are trained to keep traffic flowing freely throughout the Center, both on foot and in vehicles. We’ll make sure your visitors find a parking space quickly and easily, and are conveniently located for their meeting with you.

Keeping it clean.

All common areas in the Midel Center are cleaned by our staff on a regular basis. Give the right impression from the start with an immaculate frontage, sparkling reception area and bright, hygienic rest spaces.

A beautiful place to do business.

The Midel Center’s beautifully landscaped gardens are designed to flower year-round, offering peace, serenity and colour throughout the seasons. We maintain an in-house gardening crew to keep the landscaping looking perfect.

A constant water supply.

Our water supply is kept clean, constant and reliable.

Less waste. More environmental responsibility.

We manage the removal of all waste from the Midel Centre. Business residents contribute individually to the cost of their own rubbish removal. Each resident company manages its own energy use with prepaid meters for power and broadband usage.

Secure parking.

The Midel Center is equipped with a secure parking lot, plus a second secure basement parking area to manage the supply of parking spaces during heavy traffic times of the day.

We’re watching over you.

The Midel Center is equipped with state-of-the-art CCTV systems, which are constantly monitoring the security of your offices. In the event of a security incident, CCTV footage will be provided to our partners for scrutiny.

Everything you need to run a business.

The Midel Center has everything you need to run a business. We’ve even got our own stationery store for in-house office supplies. From security to staplers, we’ve got you covered.

Discounted services.

All Midel Center residents receive significant discounts on our additional services, including the use of board rooms, training rooms and in-house digital billboards.

The perfect reception.

As a resident business at the Midel Center, you automatically qualify for the use of a personal receptionist. Your receptionist is responsible for directing visitors to the Center to your office, receiving your clients and taking and directing calls on your behalf.