GreenDel is 9

We can’t believe GreenDel is 9 !!

We want to appreciate and celebrate The Midel Center residents for their unending support and cooperation!

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GreenDel advocates

It’s heartwarming to see that our GreenDel advocates have taken a step further by being plant parents .
Studies show that adding a potted plant to your workspace enhances productivity and the Greendel team and Midel Center are here for it !

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April Greendel Winner

We are extremely proud to present our GreenDel winner for the month of April! Royalty Vacay Travels & Tours Ltd Of Suite 410 at the Midel Center have shown amazing strides in their quest to going green and have done remarkably well in recycling their office waste and reducing their energy wastage.

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Saving The Planet

Our commitment to going green has been strengthened by our collaboration with Ecobarter ( our local recycling plant). The pickup of all our collected segregated waste is usually an exciting event.

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February GreenDel Champions

We present our February GreenDel Champions – Aptron Consults Limited ( Suite 126 at the Midel Center). Your continuous dedication to recycling and separating your office waste , energy saving decisions

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March Greendel Winner

It’s always a pleasure seeing how happy our GreenDel monthly winners are. Zutron Pharmaceuticals Ltd has shown amazing accomplishments in their endeavor to going green.

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