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You are what you eat, that sounds hilarious but it’s quite true. At your work place, it’s a formal environment and healthy eating habit is proper. When you are at work and at lunch eat light meals or just fruits. You still have a lot of files to go through and you can’t do that with a heavy tummy, sluggishness is harmful to a business or any work environment. You have to be self disciplined and show a good level of courtesy, and then you’ll know how to eat healthy at work. Lack of discipline includes eating just anything or permitting anything to go into the mouth, this shouldn’t be so, not every edible thing is good for chew, eat with sense and caution. You can have a gum to chew when you’re bored or feeling sleepy at work but please don’t chew gums on a regular basis lest you make it a habit. You can buy a snack for lunch or fruits and vegetables to keep you strong and fit throughout the remaining working hours.

Don’t talk or engage in conversations ( or chats) while eating at work, have good table manners. If you are someone who handles cash or money, wash or use a hand sanitizer before eating. Eat responsibly too. Healthy eating at work includes eating right, briefly (you are at work not at home) and reasonably. You can prepare a small bowl of chopped fruits like watermelon, pineapple or apple from home.

Apart from snacks, you can get some biscuits on your table to quench the hunger when you’re really busy with the computer and there’s no time for real meals. You can also prepare oatmeal in a small bowl-like cooler from home. Oatmeal is nutritious and also a nice meal, it is light and suitable for breakfast or lunch at work. You can also have slices of bread and a cup of tea without totally disrupting your work routine. When you eat well, you work well and when you eat healthy, you work healthy. Eating is very important but how and when you eat is quite important too, especially in a formal business environment. Don’t take junk food, they’ll help quench your hunger at the moment but will leave you unhealthy in the long run, this will affect your job. Avoid eating excess chocolate or sweets at work when you’re hungry. They aren’t meals or healthy meals. Eat what will foster and boost your work life not the otherwise. Don’t smoke during lunch or sneak to the rest room to smoke, it isn’t a meal and it’s definitely not proper. Smokers tend to quench the hunger through smoking; this is highly prohibited in a working environment and besides, it is an unhealthy habit, it isn’t a hunger need. You can drink just a glass of water or fruit juice instead. You shouldn’t eat while standing or talking (or attending to customers).

Healthy eating at work is important to avoid sudden illness, which may lead to business interruption. You can’t just munch anything that’s available because you’re hungry. Remember, you don’t have the same body system as your colleague. Don’t be forced out of hunger to take in something against your body. You can draft a time schedule (what to eat and when to eat) of your eating or lunch break at work. You can have a different meal for each day, Mondays can be fruits only, Tuesdays for five slices of bread with jam or butter and so on. You can also go for a plate of salad. Be disciplined, don’t be a glutton. It’s not everything that goes into your body that is useful to your body; you should have a balance diet. Don’t be your organization’s food-dog, “anything you see, you eat”, being at work doesn’t prevent you from taking vitamins and minerals, and you should know how important they are to the body. A breakdown of your body system is bad news to your company especially when you are the key employee. Make the right food choices at work, don’t be a victim of unhealthy eating habits.

Finally, healthy eating at work is very important to the employer and the employees; everyone is involved in the health of others. When it comes to healthy eating, the employer can also enlighten his employees on this. Also don’t eat in the dusty part of the company or near to the generator’s fumes. Although we have varieties of jobs and their descriptions, nevertheless healthy eating is a general thing and should be taken note of and put into practice in all organizations. Your life and work depend on you, don’t just eat at work, eat healthily.






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