Midel Management

Midel Management is one of Nigeria’s most successful and respected property and facilities management companies.

Our Mission

Is to become the foremost property and facilities management company on the continent through a continual process of service and property upgrade. We strive for maximum professionalism and impeccable service delivery at all times.

Our Goal

Is to make your commercial or residential tenancy experience as seamless as possible so our clients  can concentrate on building their businesses or enjoying their homes without the worries of day to day hassles. We do this by delivering up-to-date professionalism in property and facilities management and look after the day to day details so they can concentrate on growing and improving their brands and live experiences.

Midel Management

Who we are

Founded in 2008, Our passion at Midel Management is to provide a unique service experience to African businesses. As Nigerian companies begin to understand the correlation between an organized working environment  and a successful business, our aim is to deliver an  efficient, capable and experienced management style to commercial and residential properties in Abuja.

We recognise that every business is different. Our services are designed to offer personalised management strategies for your company or home, from managed broadband connections to shared conference centres and fully fitted out training and board rooms to supplying your home with the best artisans and technicians to make work and life a little easier. We take care of the management peripheries, so you are free to concentrate on developing your business and enjoying your home.

Midel Management continually updates its services, and is dedicated in offering excellent support for every aspect of your business and home. We’re an accredited Investors in People, and a proud member of the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM).

Your business is our reason for existing. We’re passionate about helping you achieve the best results for your company, your clients and your stakeholders. Every  innovation , creative management and maintenance plan, stems from our need to please.

Midel Management


We can provide soft security personnel who are trained to act rapidly in the event of suspicious activity.They can liaise with state police where necessary. If your premises is equipped with CCTV, they can man and operate and ensure continuous records on activities are documented in and around your premises. Should an incident occur, our security teams will secure the premises until the police arrive. Vigilant, courteous and quick to act, our soft  security teams will also act as onsite traffic control and general site supervisors.

A healthy workplace is a productive workplace. Minimize your home or  employee absence by boosting productivity with our up to date health and safety analysis . We can help you comply with all the latest legislation in  health and safety assessments and  recommendations. Together, we’ll keep your offices and homes safe.

A well run home or business premises should look as good on the outside as it does on the inside. Our landscaping team are expert in the art of garden design and maintenance. At Midel managed properties, we keep the grounds of our buildings beautiful throughout the year.

Minimise your utilities costs and keep your premises environmentally sound with our energy saving strategies. Midel Group can audit your current energy performance, and suggest changes to the way you use your energy to boost your bottom line.

We maintain and manage generator sets for your premises, ensuring your business and home is always running at full power capacity. Our maintenance team  keep full records of servicing and are on standby for emergencies.

Our utilities  team includes plumbing and electrical experts, capable of performing most service repairs on the spot. With Midel Mgt, your business or residential  premises will always function at top gear.

We also operate a tenant selection service for our managed properties, helping property owners ensure reliable and profitable occupancy.

Midel Group tenders building condition and service reports on a monthly, quarterly or biannual basis.

Whatever your property needs, Midel is here to deliver. Our support teams are always happy to help with essential and nonessential services. Our staff offer ongoing advice on making your building and home  work better for you, including space management and extra facilities maintenance (such as pool maintenance).

Midel Management

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The Midel Center, Suite 407, Plot 14, Off Oladipo Diya Way, Gudu District, Abuja.