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Waking up in the morning to go to work can be the hardest thing ever for some of us, despite our pleasant or unpleasant salaries. However, if everyone enjoyed their jobs, it wouldn’t be referred to as work. Most of us find ourselves working not because we love our jobs, but to survive in this dire economic conditions, where getting a job is not as easy as quitting. Sometimes our workplaces can be very unfriendly and miserable, which is enough to demoralize anyone emotionally and psychologically. Although quitting is not an ideal option but a major risk in this cutthroat labour market, there are few tips we will share with you on how to make your work, work for you.

The first tip is to always remember that your situation isn’t permanent. No matter how miserable or complicated and miserable your work life is, things will certainly change one day. It’s convenient to presume that things will never change, but that will definitely not be case. Sometimes our challenges can prevent us from seeing possibilities and opportunities of life, instead we become extremely pessimistic as well as overwhelmed by all our challenges. The average worker changes jobs after a couple of years, this has become a popular practice, so get the thought of being stuck with the same job off your mind. While you’re at work, update your CV and put it out there, so potential employers can get a hold of it.

Pay more attention to life outside the office, when you let a bad day at work ruin your entire day, you’re making it easy for your employers to steal your precious happiness without paying you for it. Take time during the day and meditate on what you want to achieve for yourself and where you want to be. This will help release tension gotten from work, as well as take your mind off the harsh realities of you workplace. Get a life after work, go see a movie with friends, join a club or just do general fun activities that will make work have a lesser toll on you.

Have some fun at work; no one should work all the time without resting or taking a break. Try and give yourself a little break from your workday, by checking out your favorite football team or the latest game on Xbox. For the ladies, you can go shopping or to a SPA with your friends. Also listening to music and stepping out for lunch or any fun activity during breaks, will go a long way in reducing your depressions and dissatisfactions about work. The main idea here is to find an activity that you like and have fun with it for as long as you can during your breaks

If it’s possible, then negotiate changes in your role at work. Talk to your boss about making some changes in terms of your workload or the type of work you’re presently doing. Whether you’re being overworked, overwhelmed, or totally unutilized in terms of potentials, if your employer is a professional, he or she will understand that you will not be productive in that environment until something is done about your present state. Just negotiating for changes in your job description isn’t the only step, but to come up with valid arguments that not only will the changes be best for you, it will favour both your team and the company.

Take any opportunity to work in other teams, it doesn’t mean you hate your co-workers, it’s just a way for you to refresh your perception of work and everything you hate about it. Make this a common practice, volunteer to get teamed up with people you’ve never worked with or even interact with at your workplace.

Don’t take life too serious, because at the end what will be, will be. To make your work, work for you, also involves you having a lighter look on life. Add humor to anything that happens to you good or bad, it’s not just a saying that laughter is the best medicine, according to research, humor can increase your ability to deal with a numerous situations. Humor provides you with a different perspective and assists you to see the favorable side of any challenge. Don’t take your work issues too serious, it’s a waste of time. Instead find some humor in them and joke about it with your friend and family.

You might be going through tough times at work, but remember there is reward waiting for you at the end of every month. This reward is your salary, so whenever you feel like screaming or lamenting, look at the calendar to know when the month will end and fantasize about the wonderful things you’ll do with your salary.

It’s not over till it’s over; consider a stressful job and workplace as a phase and a competition with life’s challenges. If leaving is not an option for you, stay back until you get a better offer. As the saying goes, the grass seems greener on the other side, which most of the time it’s not. Your next job might be worse than your present job, with this in mind, try and make your work, work for you no matter the pressure. In addition, even workers who tend to be happy with their jobs had some points in their lives when they hate their jobs for a long period of time.



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