November’s our GreenDel Month

November’s our Greendel month and to uphold our passion for environmental friendliness, the Midel team visited our local recycling partners -Alhaji Seriki and his organisation to encourage them for their continuous good work .
Alhaji Seriki explained to the Midel team that the segregated waste of plastics, paper and metal collected from the Midel Center, is gathered with other waste at his recycling plant and sent to Lagos, Kano and Onitsha where the plastic,paper and iron industries recycle such waste to reproduce items such as buckets, over head water tanks , toilet paper and zinc sheets.

Alhaji Seriki thanked the Midel team for their visit and pledged full corporation and support to the GreenDel cause.
The Midel team has plans to expand the GreenDel recycling program to the Gudu District and hopefully around the city of Abuja.

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