How to know you’re doing the Right Job


When it comes to knowing if you’re doing the right job, its either you are or you aren’t!
Doing the right job makes you happy, and if you are not happy in your current job, then you should have a re-think because what makes you happy, improves you and gives you peace of mind, will most certainly enhance you. Here are tips on how to know you’re doing the right job.

Labor Input Versus Monthly Income: Does your daily input to productivity and your company’s growth commensurate with your pay at the end of the working month? Are you just working tirelessly for peanuts? Your income says a lot about you and “you” say a lot about your organization. You’re your company’s mirror to the world and if you a shattered one despite your diligent inputs then the job isn’t worth it.

Health Status: a good job improves your physical look and appearance. The right job boosts your health. If you’re facing health crisis in your current job, it’s not right. Your health is very important; it determines how long you can go on the job and how well you can sail in the ship of life. All jobs are stressful but there should be a reasonable limit. Your job should provide health care and improvement. If your health is diminishing, don’t hesitate to change to something better and health friendly.

Cost of Survival: if you spend more than you earn, you eat more than you cook and your wear more than the wears you can afford, it’s high time you had a rethink. Your cost of survival should be positively related to the amount you earn at work. Cut your cloth according to your material. Spending more than you earn or work for, is not advisable. If your cost of survival is negative on your current job, then it is not a right one.

Standard of Living: What’s your worth? Is your education paying off or are your skills yielding great results? Your instincts and skills should determine what you earn not the other way round. Are you still a low income earner despite your educational background, skill and diligence? If yes, you’re not in the right job. The right job must improve your standard of living. Put you at the right level of life and the right table with your peers and equals.

Present Expectations: Are you where you want to be presently? What are your achievements on your current job? Any hope of rising through the rank, any sign of promotion or elevation? These questions may sound rhetorical but you need to answer them and be truthful to yourself. If you’ve met eighty percent of your expectations, that’s a great mark! You can proceed on your job but if it’s otherwise, then there are questions you need to ask yourself.

Evaluate yourself on your job, is your job creating a pathway to greater heights and achievements? Being stagnant is a crime in the world of great men. Through your present expectations, you can know if your job is right for you or is quite unsuitable for you. Your job should take you to the next level and not draw you back. Success is sweet only when failure is bitter. Live the life you love and not a life created by circumstances you permitted.

Future Signals: How bright and right is your future by taking your current job into consideration? Is it clear or blur? You should know, right now! In the next five years, where do you see yourself, still patching up? What if you’re in the same level you were five years ago, will you be happy? You can make the future bright by fixing yourself in the right job. It may take time and efforts but its better late than never, and never say never!

Working Environment: This is your second home and your colleagues become your formal family. So what happens within this environment can either affect you positively or negatively. If you are not in the right working environment, you’re not doing the right job. This environment has a way of influencing you.

You see the same set of people, attitudes, goals, visions and minds with a common objective daily and you get use to them in no time. As chats and conversations develop, they either boost you or roast you. Be careful, you can’t build a dream with those who don’t have any. If your job environment is limiting you then you are not in the right place. Adjust or quit. Now ask yourself, “am I doing the right job”? I believe now you should know the answer and your next step.

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