Gaining your Boss’s Trust at Work


Trust is like a green leaf that showcases the beauty of a well nourished tree. Gaining your boss’s trust at work, is gaining his business ideas and proving you can germinate them into a well balanced and established business. Trust is very vital in any business setting. Trust is what makes the organization strong and stable. It’s is important for employers to trust their employees and vice versa. Gaining your boss’s trust at work, involves the following tips below;

Be Truthful Even in Small Situations: The truth can be hard and inconvenient sometimes, but say it anyways. Your boss may scold you but in his heart he’ll really appreciate the truth you conveyed despite all. Being truthful even with the smallest things will boost your employer’s trust in you.

Be Diligent: Don’t be slothful, don’t dodge work or avoid some certain tasks. Be focused and be diligent. “What is worth doing at all is worth doing well”. Being diligent in your job will make gain your employer’s trust.

Be Helpful and Resourceful: Show him/her you care about the business and assist in the company’s growth. Don’t be an empty employee, be resourceful. Always be willing to help positively and wholeheartedly in the day-to-day running of the business. This will create the platform for trust.

Be a Team Leader: Bosses love employees who are brainy and intelligent, workers who can work with less or no supervision and subordinates who can proffer solutions to business problems. Leading a team to foster the company’s growth will help you gain your employer’s trust.

Punctuality to Work and Meetings: This is self discipline; being punctual means you know why you are there, what you have been assigned to do and you are willing to do it effectively. Keeping to time and understanding time management will prove to your employer that you will always be the best candidate for the job. This will also help you gain his trust.

Proper Management of Company’s Assets: Proper management of assets in your care means that you’re faithful to the business family of the organization you work for. It means your boss can trust you to manage more assets.

Sharing Business Ideas: Meeting your boss one on one to discuss business ideas reflects how intelligent and active you are. Bosses appreciate productive workers, having healthy and reasonable conversations with your boss often will gain his trust.

Business First, Don’t Compromise: Don’t misuse the opportunity given to you to work for the organization. Business first, profit making first, don’t compromise and flood your work life with your personal life. Don’t bring up random personal discussions at work or with your boss. Let him sense your mood instead. Don’t compromise your business assignment and job, and then you’ll gain your boss’s trust in no time.

Ask Questions: If you are confused or unclear about anything, ask. Don’t be shy or timid, ask intelligent questions. Your boss is like a teacher, asking him questions shows you’re attentive in his class. Hence, he can only trust those who follow him.

Possess Self Discipline and Self Confidence: Self Discipline is doing the appropriate thing always and Self confidence is the determination and positive mental attitude towards your job. Employers admire self disciplined employees and confident ones too. To them, it’s an assurance that the employee is mentally fit and skilled for the job.

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