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Your work place can be smilingly viewed as the second home of a working class man or woman, you resume in the early hours of the day and close in the evenings, hence you spend most of the hours of the week except Saturdays and Sundays at work (even sometimes on Saturdays or Sundays). Let’s say your employers and colleagues are your formal family. You need to maintain a good relationship and rapport with them. How do you go about it? Here are simple ways of building a good relationship with colleagues at work.

Study your colleagues and know their likes and dislikes; you don’t need to enroll in a school for this nor take lessons to know them but you have to be able to know the people you work with within a reasonable time frame. You should understand their personality differences and variations in their temperaments (understand who is choleric, melancholic, sanguine, or phlegmatic). You don’t expect all of them to behave or reason the same way you do. Also know each of their dos’ and don’t s. This is not one boring research work that is time consuming, you just need to know the basics of each of them. Know what gets Mr. A angry and avoid them, know what makes Mr. B happy, do them if you can. Don’t be a bully or snob. Don’t be rude or ill-mannered. Don’t expect perfection from them, remember you all come from different backgrounds and have different upbringing. Owing to this; you have to accept them for who they are and build a long-lasting relationship with them.

Evaluate yourself; you should evaluate your character and behavior at work once in a while or as you may prefer it to be (maybe a weekly evaluation). Are you stepping on any one toe? Learn how to say “am sorry” when you’re wrong, don’t argue bluntly and blindly. You aren’t perfect too, so you need to evaluate in order to adjust. This will prevent malice, quarrels and unhealthy rifts within the organization, this could affect overall productivity especially when you’re a top employee and the other person in picture is one too. Try to clear all misunderstandings, adjust and team up for the better, the higher the company soar, the higher you all do too (promotion and rising through the rank in your organization). Therefore, good communication and good relationship is very vital. Do your best to maintain good relationship with your colleagues.

Render a helping hand; you don’t need to buy a jet, car or a house for a close colleague to build and maintain a good relationship with him. Series of little things you do for him counts, like rendering a helping hand when they need help, assisting when they have difficulties with their computers or one of them has to go for lunch and needs you to fill in for him for few minutes, do it with happiness.They’ll appreciate your kind gestures and this will go a long way to enhance the bond of friendship. Don’t feel proud because you’re smarter than them and you’re the bosses’ favourite. Be humble, and assist them when they need you.

Remember, good relations, is a ground for elevation and greater heights; it’s preparing you for a higher place, responsibilities and task. How you handle your present work will determine how well you can actually fit in another higher job placement and environment. You never can tell who will recommend you to a highly paid employer of labour; it can be one of your colleagues. Think about the future in everything you do in the present; don’t injure your future with the rewards of your bad attitude and bad manners. Build on your strengths and conquer your weaknesses.

Lastly, understand your colleagues at work are not your siblings and you can’t exercise control over them. Be friendly, jovial and accommodating. Do to them what you want them to do to you, don’t be too nosy or gossip bank of the company. Don’t mock them if they’re passing through hard times or challenges in their personal or non-personal life. Building a long-lasting relationship may not be easy but try your best, especially at work. Maintaining and building a good relationship with your colleagues at work isn’t easy, but the end result is very pleasing.



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