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Communication is a fundamental aspect of human existence, your ability to communicate effectively distinguishes you from the majority as well as conveys the exact ideas you want to express. Having effective communication skills is important for good leadership and relating well with your colleagues at work or wherever you find yourself. Communicating well with your team members helps eradicate misunderstandings and makes the work environment more peaceful and rivalry free. Also effective communication enables you to get the job done in a quick and professional way.

Once you create an avenue for your team or colleagues to communicate with you, the whole process of executing tasks and other projects will definitely flow in a smooth way. This will also make your targets a lot easier and less challenging. Here are some ways you can communicate effectively at work or with your teammates.

Being too private at times might not be a good idea; there are some situations that require us to be public and open about the way we feel and the actions we intend to take. When you go public about your activities, opinions and feelings, you get to reach out to more people and carry them along. They will not only be informed, but they will also see and feel the ideas you’re trying to express and where you are heading with those ideas. This is one of the major strategies to employ for effective communication.

The use of body language passes messages effectively and faster, it is necessary for you to master the use body language when communicating with your team or colleagues at work. The art of body language employs the use of your body posture, smiles, shaking hands, eye contact and facial expressions. Depending on how these features are used, they could pass a negative or a positive message. Hence you should be mindful of how you put them to use.

Showing you are confident , serious and mean what you’re saying, is very vital in ensuring that you will not be taken for granted or seen as an unserious person. When your colleagues or team members notice any trace of uncertainty or lack of seriousness during your communication with them, they will tend to handle the information passed with little or no regard.

Try and avoid using complex words during communication. The reality is that everybody cannot be on same level when it comes to the use of vocabulary. Therefore, for effective communication at work with your team members or colleagues, use words that are easy to decipher and avoid the use of vague words. The use of high flow words will only confuse and frustrate those you’re communicating with, as well as drag you back in your discussions, as you’ll have to explain every statement you make.

For communication to occur, you can’t be the only one speaking, you also need to get a feedback from the person or group of people listening to you. In that case, it’s important for you to listen to your team members or colleagues during communication. Never forget that communication is meant to be a two way thing, even though you are the leader or more intelligent, always listen to what others have to say. Encourage them to give feedbacks when communicating, so you can understand them and work better with them in future.

Always watch the tone of your voice when you talk, in order not to pass another meaning different from what you intended. A statement can mean another thing when said in a different tone of voice. Ensure you employ the appropriate tone of voice when communicate a message to your teammates or colleagues, so that your intentions will not be misconstrued. This could impact fear in them as well as drain their motivation or hinder relations with you.

Create a receptive aura around you, always act and have positive words to say to people. This will make your colleagues or teammates comfortable and free with you. They will never hesitate to discuss anything major with you; this will put you at the head of everything happening in the team or at your workplace. Being grumpy, tensed, rude and violent all the time will only leave you isolated and unaware of numerous activities.

In addition, try working hard towards acquiring these effective communication skills, which will help you create a leveled platform when dealing with people. Effective communication at work, assists us in understanding a person or circumstance, and helps us resolve conflicts, promote respect and trust for one another. Communicating in an effective way creates an environment for creative ideas, problem solving suggestions and teamwork to flourish.






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