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An office is a business room, where files and other valuable documents are kept. Also it can be individualized, if organization is not too strict. It is a place where major clients and customers are attended to, hence it should always look presentable, neat and well ventilated (even without an air conditioner or a fan) Here are great ways to make your office comfortable.


Good Sitting Position: Don’t just fix office furniture like the chairs and tables anywhere, position them in appropriate places. Don’t flood the office with unnecessary chairs too. A table and three chairs for a personal office are reasonable. For example a personal chair, a table placed in front of it and two other chairs for visitors. This depends on the shape and size of the office, offices can be small or wide. The office size should determine the contents and sitting positions. For a wider and more spacious office, more than three chairs may be tolerated but for a small and less spacious office, it may look rough and untidy. So take note of your office size and have a good sitting position and also proper positioning of other office furniture such as cubicles, filing cabinet, and others.


Presentable Arrangement of Office Stationery: Office stationery such as paper and office supplies, writing materials, complimentary cards, amongst others are to be properly arranged. Office supplies are regularly used in offices in a business organization. It includes daily use of items such as staples, paper clips, small machines such as laminators, binders, staplers, writing utensils and mostly A4 plain papers. An office also accommodates equipments like computers, counting machines, printers, photocopy machine and cash registers. All these should be neatly arranged and positioned. They all make up a standard office and they are all necessary and very vital. Just fixing them anywhere and anyhow will make the office less presentable and uncomfortable to you and to your visitors.


Good Ventilation: Ventilation is permitting enough air into your body, building or an environment. Pave the way for such in your office. Don’t make it stuffy, it will only generate an unpleasant smell and make the office look rowdy and unpleasant. In physiology, it is seen as the movement of air between the environment and the lungs through inhalation and exhalation. Ventilation is key in a business environment especially in offices. If the business organization is situated in a less airy environment, make provisions for air machines such as air conditioners and fans. They should be in all offices to make it more accommodating, friendly and comfortable. In a large or wide office more than one air conditioner and fan may be needed. To stay healthy in your office, ventilation is very necessary. Good ventilation is one great way to make an office more comfortable.


Use Quality Air Freshener: An unpleasant smell should be prevented in an office, there should be a pleasant smell always. Using quality fragrances and air freshener will make the office more pleasing and welcoming. They are products that can be used in homes and office to release fragrance. There are brands of air freshener; some of the different types of air fresheners include sprays, gels and plug-ins. Although it is proper for an office to smell good all the time but one must be careful too. Some air fresheners might have chemicals that speed up allergy and asthma attacks, and what if one of your employees, your colleagues or your visitors is asthmatic. So one must also be careful of the kind of air spray or freshener one uses in an office. Different people with different odors, some odors are very unpleasant and strong, they may last the whole day if something isn’t used to repel them as soon as possible. An unpleasant smell can be unhealthy and may lead to an irritating feeling. Get quality air freshener and make your office more pleasant and comfortable.


Have Other Necessities: A trash can, a vacuum cleaner, a portable refrigerator and disposable cups. Have all the necessary items it takes to make your office neater and comfortable.


Use Your Office Cabinet wisely: Don’t flood your table with treated and untreated files. Arrange them in different sections of the cabinet so you don’t get them mixed up. Arranging your files and clearing off items on your table will make your office look more comfortable. Since you have different segments in the cabinet for each, this makes it easier to access files when needed. When it’s properly arranged, you don’t need to mess up your office all in the name of file-search. Make your desk neat and presentable, you can beautify it with a vase of flowers, a table calendar or table note pad. Give a first time visitor a relaxing and comfortable first impression. Your desk or table speaks a lot about you; the tidier it is, the tidier you are in person. Make your table and office look presentable and comfortable.


Be Welcoming: Making an office comfortable also entails the character and behavior of the occupant. You have to be friendly and welcoming. It’s a business environment and many business friends and partners come around, so the first impression you create can go a long way to make or mar your business organization. Have a welcoming spirit especially to first timers. Use a friendly voice and use words wisely. Make your office lively, entertaining and comfortable. We hope these great ways to make your office comfortable, will help you do it right and make your office comfortable for easy and positive flow of business activities.


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