Signs of Knowing the Right Time to Quit


Knowing the right time to quit can be confusing but you just have to clear up the confusion and take the bold step. Is your worth commensurate to your monthly pay? Is your salary in line with your daily input in the organization? Does you work time and effort improve your life? The answers to these questions will assist you in knowing the right time to quit. Here are some signs that it is time to quit.

When The Zeal Is Totally Gone: When you no longer see what really attracted you or made you interested in the job, then it’s high time you quit. If the drive is fading off uncontrollably, there’s no point holding on to it, quit and move on. What is the essence of a job you don’t derive full pleasure in anymore? Focus is one major ingredient any employee should have, if you can no longer focus on your job, please have a deep rethink. If brainstorming on solutions isn’t working out, then maybe your heart wants you to try something else…something better.

When The Job Gets Constantly Boring: You need to explore, carry out impressive research, improve on your skills, rise through the rank, attend exciting business chats and meetings, experience business summits, surf online, create great business ideas and so on, as an employee. but when all these do not exist or are no longer permitted in the organization, as an active and skillful employee, you will definitely get tired or bored. Every working day is just the same, no extra spice and creativity. You resume and close without anything to look out for the next day,. no excitement, no more healthy competition within the organization, no team work, no brainstorming and it goes on and on like that for months and years…what else? Quit.

When there’s No Room for Performance Appraisal: Employees are to be appraised to fish out their weaknesses and encourage their strengths. It’s like compensating the intelligent and skillful ones for a job well done and also encouraging the less skillful ones that they can do better if they remained focus and diligent. When there’s no room for performance appraisal in an organization, employees’ helpful efforts will be wasted. You need a job that will take you to the next level in your career, don’t you? In a proper business environment or organization there should be performance appraisal. If your organization doesn’t take note of your inputs, how can you rise through the rank?

When you’re Input and Reward Negates Each Other: We all work to make money and to be a better person. If what you take home at the end of month is below what you spend in a month, it’s a loss for you. When there’s a sudden slash in your salary without any tangible reason, then you may decide to leave. Work and pay is like garbage-in-garbage-out. You shouldn’t be cheated. Sometimes, the organization may be facing terrible business challenges at the moment and therefore, that is understandable. If it is just a newly imbibe and fixed culture to devalue your worth, then quitting can be an option.

No Room for Career Development: If you’ve worked in an organization for a good number of years and still no bold step has been taken to enhance your career, then there’s a very big problem. At six months on a job, you should be aiming at the first major step to develop your career. It can be through sitting for professional exams, attending seminars that award certificates, rising through the rank (promotion), enrolling for a degree, masters or doctorate in your job field, amongst others. Career development is paramount to job satisfaction and growth. You should always be improving on your job. If there’s no hope for career development, it’s the right time to quit your job.

If The Job Stress Is More Than You Can Bare: Yes, it’s great to work hard but it’s greater to work smartly hard. Your health is first so don’t compromise it. If the stress on your job fails to diminish but rather increases at a very unbearable rate, it’s the right time to quit. You can perform well with an ill health. It’s normal to be stressed but it’s abnormal to be abnormally stressed. You have to work intelligently, balance your work and your health. Don’t let your health suffer because of your job but if you’ve have tried all your best to make it work and it is still yielding the same negative result, then make the decision to quit. When there is life, there is hope. Be wise, read, evaluate and digest these signs of knowing the right time to quit.

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