Recycling Awareness With SAWI

As part of our green project, Midel Management Ltd’s Greedel team participated in the cleanup program organized by Shoprite on the 14th of July 2018.The cleanup program is a campaign sweeping across the entire continent of Africa .
It’s about creating awareness in the rural-urban communities on the importance of personal and group hygiene to ward off diseases for better living.

Our partners, SAWI (Sustainable Africa Waste Initiative), other Volunteers and the GreeDel team were super excited to participate in this.

Our clean up muster point was the Shoprite at the Jabi Lakeside mall and the nearest communities we cleaned up was Jabi Daki-biyu.

We did the cleanup, educated the community on how to separate their waste (especially the plastic bottles, papers and even pure water plastic sachets which are most commonly used and seen littering around the community) and let the community know that almost all their trash and waste can be reused and recycled into so many useful materials.

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