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Being organized at work is a habit that needs to be nurtured because no employer will wholeheartedly take the risk of employing someone who isn’t organized at just the first meeting and interview with that person. Being organized at work is very important, it shows how committed you are and also measures how resourceful you will be. Here are easy tips on how to be organized at work

Focus: Concentrate on your job, don’t get carried away with personal challenges, they’re temporal and will fade away soon, don’t let them interrupt your daily activities. Stay focused on your job, take things easy, and don’t be muddled up with unnecessary activities. Don’t rush but be diligent and smart. Know how to take in vital business information and be business-inclined, focus on your job in order to organize your thinking and your brain.

Eat Right: Hilariously or otherwise, you can’t be organized with an empty stomach neither can you be efficient at work when you have an imbalance diet. Have you heard of the phrase health is wealth? Eat right and boost your composure at work, don’t get all confused because you can’t think right due to hunger or an unhealthy eating habit.

Time Management: Learn to be a time keeper and manager. Time is Life, vice-versa. To be organized, know how and when to do things; do the right thing at the appropriate time. Know when to make calls for meetings or to clients, know when to read through files and compile necessary information. If necessary, draft a daily activity list and allocate time to each schedule. Don’t be confused, just make the best use of your business time, and as we all know work means business! Do it right and timely.

Be Yourself: Yes, you have someone you are looking up to in your career and business line. It may be a colleague, it’s great to have a mentor and role model but please be you. Don’t be superman lest you get so confused and disorganized. Try to be creative with your skills and be diligent at work. Know who you are, understand what you are, analyze who you want to be and evaluate how to be what you aim to be. The bottom line is, be you.

Proper Daily Care of Your Table: Every morning, arrange your table and if possible at the close of work, do the same. Don’t flood your table with papers. You may mix things up in the process, imbibe and cultivate the habit of being organized. Arrange files and put them in their right places, clean the dirt off the table and place the right papers and files for the day on it. Your table says a lot about you at work; make sure it’s in good form.

Take To Corrections: When you are scolded by your boss for doing the wrong thing, don’t feel disappointed in yourself. Heed to corrections and don’t make similar mistakes. If you want to be organized at work, you have to be willing to learn and improve, avoid making similar mistakes and be organized in thoughts. Flee from what makes you disorganized and what makes your boss mad at you, then you’ll be one step towards being organized.

How Do You Dress To Work? Do you dress right or wrong? Your dressing can prove how organized you are or not, don’t look shabby anymore. If you rush to dress, rush to work, rush to do all things; you’re definitely not organized. If you notice you dress rough and dirty to work, be very sure you are disorganized even at work. Look into it, adjust and embrace change. One way to know an organized person is through his/her looks, vice-versa.

Have An Organized Mind: Settle your mind, don’t be at war with it. It’s like a manufacturing industry; it manufactures your thoughts and outer reactions. Don’t overload it with unnecessary items like hate, fear and timidity. Be at peace with your mind. If the industry is destroyed, then the product will be too. Be careful of the inputs you link to your mind, as they will determine the output. It’s a ‘garbage in–garbage out’ thing. So relax your mind and give it the right ingredients like positive thinking, love, courage, career development etc. You are what you repeatedly think; you can’t have an organized life with a disorganized mind. Hence, you can’t be organized at work if your mind is disorganized and unsettled. Lastly, being organized starts from within.

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