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Loving what you do for a living is one of the greatest feelings…Is your job fun to you? Add spice to your daily routine and spark up your day. Play the happy-to-work game. Wake up in the morning with a soothing smile for the gift of life in each working day, be grateful for the job you have and build happiness around it. Have a positive mental attitude towards your job and do not bruise the beauty of your job. Be punctual, be smart and elegant. Learn to act pleasant dramas with your dress sense, be fashionable. Don’t pave the way to work boredom, dress to impress yourself and everyone in your work environment. Make every working day, a fashion story but don’t be too flashy and informal. Use your instincts.

Be friendly, don’t wear a frown at work and don’t be proud and rigid. Remember! It’s a place of various personalities. Be yourself and be at your best for and to others. Love your colleagues; don’t hold a grudge against anyone, learn to call to attention and forgive if any of them steps on your toe. Don’t be autocratic in nature or you’ll end up being sad and bored at work, as well as hate your job. What do you do during break at work? Eat and then be cheerful, play games on your computer or with a colleague, start a humorous conversation and fill the air with smiles and laughter. Be the office’s favorite; let them feel your absence when you’re on holidays or work leave.

You can render a helping hand to colleagues at work when they are in need of it. Be fun to be around with. Crack jokes during break and possess a good sense of humor. Once in a while, give your colleagues a treat, you can buy them snacks or chocolate bars, hangout briefly during breaks, window-shop together and other fun activities. Making your job fun is very important especially if you want to attain success while on it. Loving what you do will boost your physical and skilled efforts, this will lead to promotion and rising through the rank in the organization. At your spare time, surf the internet on how you can be the best at what you do. Be creative and be innovative. Create a sense of belonging in your job and build creativity and diligence around it.

Be a mini-boss, rehearse and put it to practice, don’t wait till your boss tells you what to do. Know what to do and when to do it, be able to work with little or no supervision. Be an employee, your employer can always count on, be active and always make your job fun as well as great. Maintain a good feeling of what you do, sometimes work can be stressful and quit provoking or challenging, don’t grumble or fumble. Be focused and smile the stress off! Be happy at it, be the best at it and be fond of it.

Don’t get weighed down by challenges that may arise. Great things don’t come easy, it requires diligence, smart-work and hard work too! Try to make a career out of it, don’t just work, and work with your whole heart. Then it will be fun. Don’t be an extreme workaholic; don’t confuse hard work with “only work”, being a workaholic will only kill your health and make the job boring in the end. When your boss says go for a break, go for it, working healthy is important because your health and your job compliment each other.

Finally, love your boss. You can’t have a splendid day at work when you are at daggers drawn with your boss, you have to maintain a good relationship with your boss or you’ll always regret coming to work every morning. Your boss should be your friend, to advice, correct and help you be the best in your job and career. Having grudges against your boss will in no time make your job tiring, challenging and provoking. Learn to settle organizational disputes amicably and sensibly. He or she is your boss, remember! One day you’ll be a boss too, so learn how to love your boss no matter what. When you love your boss, it will be very easy to love your job and make it fun to you. Be happy and enjoy making your job fun!





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