Midel Management Limited Visited A Local Recycling Plant In Apo

As part of our GreenDel project,  Midel management Limited visited our GreenDel partners , a local recycling plant  in Apo on the 15/3/2018.There  was so much to explore…
The following are the things we discovered from our visit:

* Plastic bottles

These can be recycled and reused in different ways, they can be sold to Nigerian local women who make  indegenious  drinks like guinea corn drink (kunu), habiscus drink (zobo),ginger drinks and Many more.

Recycled  plastic bottles can also be broken down and used by  chinese companies to produce t-shirts, sweaters, fleece jackets, sleeping bags, carpeting and much more.
Paper cartons and boxes
*  Recycled cartons are used to make local ceilings and local mosquito killers.
They can also be used to make paper products like, tissues, paper towel, writing paper and paper used in the office.
Cartons can also be recycled and reused for building materials such as; interior wall board, roof cover board, ceiling tiles, exterior sheathing and floor underlayment.
*Plumbing pipes
These can be recycled and used to make pvc ceilings.
Air conditioner broken pipes are being transported to the south east where they are used for the manufacture of shoe soles.

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