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It’s great to have additional qualifications to build-up your career life, or perhaps you just enrolled into a higher institution for the first time due to financial constraints in the past. You can’t lose your life-saving job because of school and you definitely need more academic skills to rise up the rank in your organization, which is quite an important motivation for you to learn all about merging school and work efficiently. Merging school and work can be challenging and provoking especially when it’s not done with a right sense of reasoning hence, you need to apply the following guiding principles provided below.

Have A Work-Schedule:

Now, it’s high-time you drafted a schedule if you never had one, you have school to attend to, so no mixing up. Have a drafted list of work activities and write down possible ways to go about it. A work-schedule includes when to do laundry, time for bath( yes, even the smallest thing matters), time to make business calls, time to leave home for work, meetings , lunch time, and the list goes on. Having a list of these activities and allocating time to each makes an appropriate work schedule. This will be an initial guiding steps for your brain, when it seems too occupied (as a result of a busy day or an impromptu additional task at work) blank and confused. Take regular glances at your work-schedule and see what you’ve got to do next, there are few unpredictable days at work when you are assigned a task or duty in addition to your usual duties. In your schedule always create a space for impromptu task and assign some time to it. You should be able to predict some things like swapping duties with a colleague, assisting a colleague (maybe a female colleague just put to bed) in your organization except you are very new to the system. A work-schedule can be very helpful, make use of it.


Draft a Study Timetable for Studying:

Work may be hectic, but you need to do well in your studies no matter what. You need a study time table to read and learn despite work. This time table will serve as a tool of assessment and evaluation. It could be a 15minutes time out with your textbooks, handouts and notes after work or before you resume at work. This will go a long way in securing your studies without endangering your job.

Eat Well to Boost your Physical Health:

Skipping meals or an imbalance diet wouldn’t help matters. To be able to merge work and studies, you need to have a good and sound health. You need to be healthy and fit. This can be quite impossible at times because of daunting effect of the time factor attached to work but you have to squeeze out some minutes for at least a three-square meal and have a balanced diet. Your health is your first wealth and without it, a lot can go wrong. Learn to eat rightly and remember to take lots of water. What you are trying to achieve can fail just like that due to ill health, so don’t wait till that happens. The breakdown of the body is very dangerous and will definitely have a negative effect on work and school.

Manage your time well:

Time waits for no man and the way you spend your time reflects extensively in your life. Be a time keeper and manager. Know when it’s time for work, don’t be lazy or procrastinate. Being disciplined and knowing how to use your time appropriately will assist greatly in merging your job and school efficiently. It will also help you to allocate proper time to each entity. When you manage your time efficiently, merging work and school will automatically go on smoothly.

Have Good Communication With Your Boss:

Being proud or ill-mannered at work will not take you far in your career and will also damage your studies. Know the right use of words, be humble and listen to corrections. When you lose your job, how do you intend to find an immediate source of funds without an unpleasant pause in your studies? Have good relations with your boss, top executives and know your limits. Good communication with your boss can save you some stress, he/she can permit you to take a time-out or avoid some certain tasks just because he or she is aware of your schooling. No matter how strict you think your boss is, good communication and relation with him/her will bring down his/her strictness. Maintaining a good relationship, may lead to you may become his or her favorite in the end.

Always Believe in Yourself:

Your belief and confidence in yourself are of course the major tools that made you seek for more knowledge and skills while working. Your enrollment into a higher institution of learning should not be an obstruction to your career life. Don’t permit any form of discouragement, always believe in yourself, and keep moving, as success awaits you.

Merging school and work efficiently also requires ingredients as perseverance, determination, focus, positive mental attitude, a right mind, a positive line of thought, peace of mind, cutting down unhealthy habits and other similar attributes. The possession of all these amongst others, will make it very possible to have a work-school life balance, as well as merging them efficiently.





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