It has been a great year so far, as the year 2014  gradually came to an end. However, towards the end of the year, we find ourselves reflecting on goals, dreams or aspirations we were able or not able to accomplish. Yes! It’s the time for evaluation, and at this time of the year, everyone sits and run through all the activities of the year (personal and work). Did you rise through the rank this year? Well, next year is around the corner so it’s time to make things really right and bright. Here are easy ways of getting ready for work this New Year. Evaluate your achievements in the present year: Where are you or what stage are you in your pyramid of success? Are you almost there or very far from the peak of your aimed success, especially at work? Evaluate to know how far you’ve sailed in year 2014. It’s very imperative and important you do this before the year finally rolls out. Get a book, jot down some things, things you did, those you’re still working on and haven’t worked on. Analyze how your strengths helped and how your weaknesses disrupted your great plans by using a Personal SWOT Analysis. Find out if there was an increase in your salary or if you still have a stagnant income. Also what are the opportunities and lucrative job placements you missed due to lack of skills and knowledge? Where you able to conquer the threats…how did you help your present organization move forward and multiply productivity? Can you be recommended based on your skills? These questions may sound quite rhetorical but they should be asked for self-analysis. The new year is already here, hence you need to plan and double your efforts. Re-strategize and leave your failures of the year behind: You don’t need to sweep out the nice ideas you had for your organization but didn’t work the way you planned…instead take the bulls by the horns and double your efforts to achieve a positive result in the new year. Ideas are like seeds and your determination to promote these great ideas is the water that helps them grow. Re-draw the plan, jot down more relating ideas, re-strategize, tell your boss about them and he’ll will definitely give you the permission to launch the new goals in the New Year. Since, it’s for business growth and to increase productivity, you may just be a little inch away from that promotion and a raise. Through the rank in the organization, there might just be a vacant position for an Assistant Managing Director and behold! You could just fit in. Time to adjust your formal wardrobe: Are your office wears still in the right shape? You need to take out the old, faded and worn out wears, and replace them with new ones. Don’t forget your footwear too, check them too. You need more? Then get more. Try to work on your looks too, don’t look shabby to work in the New Year, if you’re a man, plan to get a new shave and a new haircut. If it’s possible, make a dress list of your intended daily looks in the New Year and work towards them. Ladies, improve on your looks too. Know how to combine colors, don’t wear excessive make-up in the New Year like you did this year, try looking formal and cute this year.  It’s a new year and a new office ball game. You want to get it right at work, attend board meetings and to be able to boldly represent your boss outside the organization, and then get it right with your dressing. Dress the way you want to be tagged or viewed. Get ready for a well-dressed working year. Lastly, prepare to be a time manager in the New Year, especially if you’re an award winning latecomer in the organization. Adjust and create a new business calendar. Punctuality means one’s disciplined and up to the task. You have made some business-idea errors and they almost cost you your job. Be careful in the New Year and be wiser, act skillfully and embrace professionalism, don’t make the same mistakes twice while trying to foster goals that will help your organization. Learn from the present and past mistakes, make plans to get to the top of your career in the new year, which is here, and we hope all these ideas will help you in getting ready for work this new year.     photocredit;

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