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Having good business acumen‬, is very easy and straight forward; all you need to have in mind is that a business should have a financial motive, where input multiplies output consistently. Good productivity is a reflection of smart work and planning in business. As an entrepreneur, employer or employee you must develop and nurture good business acumen, in order to be business-smart and brainy. Here are easy ways of having good business acumen;

Business Enthusiasm: To develop good business acumen, you have to posses a strong desire and passion for good business and the idea of being your own boss. This includes a positive mental attitude (PMA) towards business innovations and developments. Without passion, you’re likely not to come up with anything good.

Research Work: research is a vital aspect of engaging in any business; hence it’s necessary to polish your business plan daily with quality research work. Carry out necessary research in all aspects of your business. Understand your kind of business, try to be the best in your field and surf for more information on your business. Increase your business knowledge daily.

Training Programme: as the saying goes; ‘no knowledge is lost’ no matter how far you’ve gone in life, as an entrepreneur, you shouldn’t just stop at what you know, strive to know more and be current in your business line. Ensure to attend any reasonable training relating to your business line. Be enlightened and be educated on your business when the occasion arises, never turn down the opportunity to know more. If you’re striving towards having good business acumen, always lookout for programmes/ events concerning your business, attend them and be interactive. All business gurus have vast business exposures, give yourself more exposure.

Self Appraisal: Evaluate your business intelligence; any improvements? How well do you know your product or service? What are your contributions towards business growth? Do your efforts commensurate your business time? How well do you maximize your business time? Are you doing it right? Has your previous research work or business training helped in broadening your business knowledge or sharpening your skills? You have to know what you stand for. If you know who you are, good ideas will come to you easily.

Goal-Driven: Business goals are what make businesses, a business. Goals define a business, so be goal driven too. If you know your business or company goals, having good business acumen will not be a problem. Define your goals by applying your business intelligence to generate good productivity.

You should also take meetings seriously. Always have important meeting with relevant people to you and your goals, which will support and give you effective advice, to spur you into action and being creative. No man is an island, on the road to success; you need people to help you along the way. Be punctual to such meetings and be attentive. Ask questions to get a clearer picture of what your business game entails; make it profitable thing; by applying the answers and solutions given in meetings to your everyday business life.

Having good business acumen will certainly elevate you in your career and take you to greater heights. Rising isn’t a bad idea, what do you think? Define yourself, your business, and goals, then profitable ideas will come easily. Be diligent in your personal duties and be focused. Thinking smart leads to good business, imbibe the act. Developing and nurturing a good business acumen is very necessary in career development, promotion and for a remarkable business growth in any business or organization, also ensure its one that works and is profitable.

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