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If you want to be a better mom and at the same time work better, you’re not alone as a thousand of women are aspiring to become better at being a mom and working. Though not all mothers give themselves a pat on the back for being a good parent due to their work schedule, it’s important for them to stop feeling guilty and learn how to make things work.

Sometimes the awful feeling of not performing well as a mother can be a warning sign that you need to make drastic changes in your life. Having a child care provider just solves a little part of the challenges of working moms. The only person that can make the situation completely better is you! because no one can take your position as a mother. Here are some effective ways you can cope as a working mom.

First thing you need to do is to remember the different reasons why you’re working; it could be for the love of your job, the need for money, not wanting to risk dropping out of a competitive field as new positions are scarce, the realization that it can be quite miserable being a stay at home mom and the importance of setting an example of a successful woman.

Make sure you are at the top of your priority list, though you’re aware that you don’t have a single minute for yourself. Successful working moms have observed that when they don’t reserve anytime for themselves, they become inefficient and tend to become sad. Your kids and your husband would certainly prefer a happy mom and a messed-up house to a tidy house and a grumpy mom.

Always grab yourself a hug, by asking your kids and your spouse for a hug occasionally. Think about how fortunate you are to be a mother and have a good job, even on a not so good day, remember how your children complete your life and make it joyous.

Remind yourself of the benefits you gain from your job, women work for almost the same reasons as men. Women are not only driven by financial gains or economic necessities, but personal fulfillment, social status and social contact, power and independence. When women find essence, challenge, potential for growth and development, it is said to bring them personal gratification.

Always takeout time to celebrate yourself, when celebrated ,most working moms feel high self-esteem, which supersedes other stressful areas of life and results to a complete positive effect on them. Just don’t forget to allow that positive mood take over you so you can really absorb the good feelings.

Train yourself to cope, out of all the coping mechanisms working moms adopt to balance their lives, giving up being a perfectionist is at the top of the list. Superwomen are so not trending again, so get ready to lower your household standards. No one cares except you, find a healthy way to make quick meals, order out or go out and spend time with your family. Also get your husband a bit involved in the affairs of your home and children.
Find a good friend who listens and gives you support, No matter how organized you seem to be, there are always times when you get frustrated, start snapping and whining. Then you’ll need a friend to listen to your ranting, so you can feel better.

If you work full time, this means you spend eighty percent of your time at your workplace; you have no choice than to have fun doing your job. Some working moms even t see their workplace as a relaxation center when compared to the craziness at home. But if you don’t love what you do, start looking for a new job because job dissatisfaction contributes immensely to stress, frustration and fatigue.

However, the bottom line difference between working mothers who are challenged yet happy, and those who are continually frustrated and down, is the initial recognition and embracing of one fact: “Being a working mom is hard; don’t pretend that it’s not or that you have the capability to make easy. Remember, you are doing an awesome job and your kids will turn out well, despite the increased hours you’ve spent away from them.

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