When to ‘Blow the whistle’ at Work


It can be very fearsome blowing the whistle at work, most especially the fear of losing your job when it involves one or more top employees in your organization. In order to be on the save side, blow the whistle before the whistle blows you, because it’s best to protect your image for other great engagements you may have in future.
When Some Attitudes Are Becoming Intolerable: It’s not advisable to make a scene in the office that will tarnish the good image you have built and nurtured over the years. When a colleague is getting on your nerves and saying series of harsh and negative words to you, don’t react or retaliate. Keep silent and try to resolve it later when he or she is calmer but if it persists and is becoming intolerable, then blow the whistle in order to avoid a deadly scene when your temper shows it claws. this when to ‘blow the whistle’ at work

When You Sense a Foul Play: A foul play is an unfair, unethical, or criminal behavior, especially of a malicious or violent nature. Don’t be surprised to find it in a business environment. Everyone is there to make money but some are there to make more money illegally and out of their contract agreement by all means. Everyone was employed based on the moral test interview they passed through, but along the line, some will start t unleashing their true indecent colors. Everybody was proven to possess good morals and great business ethics but some, in no time display some injurious behaviors. If you sense an intentionally violent and criminal behavior…blow the whistle

When You Suspect a Fraudulent Act: Fraud is common to business and there’s need to discuss it separately from other crimes in business entities.
When you suspect a criminal act in your office or department in the area of cheque or cash disbursement and expenditure don’t keep mute. The tables might turn against you. Be smart and report the case before you are cobwebbed in the act. A fraud is a business crime, criminal offense and wrong. When the 100s become 1000s and it is glaring it is fraud in play, blow the whistle. Your image and future is at stake. Even if it involves the top employees and you are afraid to lose your job, it’s better to lose a job than to lose a future!

When you are Being Lured to Do Something against Company Rules: You are mentally fit and that is why you were employed to work. You know the difference between right and wrong. When a colleague is trying to lure you into something bad, resist but if he or she keeps pestering you then voice it out. Every company has their rules and regulations and all employees have to abide by them. When you sign a job contract then you have agreed to obey the rules guiding it. When you are being lured consistently to do something against the company’s rules, blow the whistle.

When your Life is Being Threatened in the Organization: When you face threats because of your refusal to be part of a fraudulent team, blow the whistle. Life is irreplaceable but job isn’t. When you receive letter of threats from some anonymous colleagues, don’t keep silent. Don’t mention names until you’re sure of those behind the threats. Keep as calm as possible but use your mouth wisely…blow the whistle.

When You Visualize Blackmail: people can be nastily funny, love everyone but don’t trust anyone. If you perceive some bad activities and able to trace their sources, watch your back! If you notice some colleagues are trying to bring or pull you down because you aware of their foul plays please blow the whistle. Blackmail can kill a job career especially when it is neatly packaged. Don’t take things for granted and don’t overlook things that matter. Don’t ignore things that need urgent attention and follow-up. Don’t sit till your career is wrecked unaware. Be vigilant at work. Use your brain more than your lips. If you visualize blackmail, don’t sit back and relax but stand up and react sensibly. Don’t let blackmail sweep you off your career, blow the whistle!

Finding yourself in a right and fruitful environment is good and working in a very peaceful and tranquil environment is great but life permits all kinds of unpredictable things so expect anything. When there’s a need to use the whistle at work, don’t hesitate to blow it loud and clear.

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