The Midel Group GreenDel Program Gets the Green Light!

The GreenDel program has launched in style!

Kick starting the campaign, our staff wore green today to celebrate the beginning of a new, more environmentally friendly era. They looked fantastic – and their presence had the desired effect, stirring up a lot of interest in visitors to the Midel Center as well as in its residents. Thanks to our week-long launch ceremony, we were able to educate all the residents in the Center, on the benefits of energy monitoring and conservation.


The Midel Group is committed to changing our perceptions of the environment, and runs an active program of recycling management, including waste separation. We also monitor the carbon footprint of the Group, from generator use to combined company vehicles and lift sharing.


We’re really happy that our GreenDel program has now officially launched, and are confident that with the help of Midel Group clients, Center residents and all of our business partners, we will spread the word about a greener Nigeria and a better world.

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