Starting Right in Africa – The Inspirational Push



Starting Right in Africa – The Inspirational Push

Its great to talk about having a business concept, writing business plans, and doing everything to stay humble when we start off our business, but after all is said and done, every entrepreneur needs some motivation to push him or her forward, at the darkest moments.
Here are some inspirational and motivational quotes that have helped me along the way, especially when I needed that push, what I call #Inspiripush.

Everything is possible. Impossible just takes a little longer.

– Wendy Ackerman is a co-founder and an Executive Director of Pick n Pay Stores, and widely respected as the doyenne of South African retail.

The West has taken and borrowed a lot from Africa…now it’s a renaissance: we’re claiming back what is ours and we’re adding value to what is ours, making it globally acceptable and globally appealing.

– Deola Sagoe is founder of Deola and is widely respected as the leading lady of African haute couture fashion and was the first black woman to present a collection at AltaRoma back in 2004.

I have learnt that if you face the challenges with positive energy, you are most likely to get better results.

– Adenike ‘Nike’ Ogunlesi is the founder of Ruff ‘n’ Tumble the leading designer, manufacturer and retailer of designer children’s clothing in Nigeria.

We need to create an environment that would drive creativity. Do not be afraid to test new things.  We must be creative, ensuring we are a step ahead of competition.

– Kofo Akinkugbe is recognised globally for her entrepreneurial success story and strong business track record as founder & CEO of SecureID Nigeria Ltd a market leader in smart card technology and digital security.

At every African’s heart is an entrepreneurial spirit: we are survivors of struggle, malleable enough to embrace change and celebrate doing things differently.

– Tammy Frazer founded Cape-Town-based Frazer Parfum in 2008 creating organic and natural perfume products, all handcrafted in collaboration with local artists.

I am guided each day by these three questions: ‘What are you fixing?’ ‘What are you making?’ and ‘Who are you helping?’

– Juliana Rotich is an inspirational Kenyan technologist & social entrepreneur and co-founder of Ushahidi a company with a mission to change the way information flows in the world and empower people to make an impact with open source technologies.

The journey is forever. Do not ever let yourself feel like you have arrived, because if you do someone else will come and run right past you. You always have to keep going because you haven’t reached the mountain top yet.

– Kevin Ashley, co-founder and CEO of Nairobi Java House in East Africa.

Getting things done is better than having things perfect. Done is better than perfect. Whatever you have in your hands, get going with it. Just do it.

– Charles Igwe, founder and CEO of Nollywood Global Media Group in Nigeria.

Focus on making [your product or service] awesome. I see a lot of guys go into business with a ‘how can I make money’ approach. But if you go in there saying ‘how can I make something awesome’, the money will follow.

– Alex Fourie, founder of iFix in South Africa.

 Success depends on employees. For me knowing and connecting with my employees is very important.

– Divine Ndhlukula, founder of Securico in Zimbabwe.

Failure is necessary for any learning curve. Failure makes you stronger, bolder, and less scared of taking risks.

– Nkemdilim Begho is founder and Managing Di­rector of Future Software Resources Limited, an IT solutions provider focused on online solutions, e-learning and IT security – a leading lady of Nigeria’s tech sector.

 True success is about a passion to create a better world, live a life that you can look back on and be truly proud of.

– Dr. Ola Orekunrin is a medical doctor, helicopter pilot and  healthcare entrepreneur founder of Flying Doctors Nigeria, West Africa’s first Air Ambulance Service.

 These are quotes by several successful women and men in business that have made it to the top of their industries. I hope you found them as useful as I have.


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