Midel Group CEO to Receive Leadership Award

Midel Group’s CEO Gigi Adoghe has been nominated for the African Female Leadership Impact Award by the Centre for Economic Development and Leadership in recognition for the group’s outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility record on the 21st of November 2014 in Dubai.
The Midel Group is actively involved in the :

VILLAGE WEAVERS NETWORK – a not for profit organisation that teaches the local women in Abuja Nigeria how to “up-cycle” left over fabrics from tailors by weaving them into beautiful mats for sale, therefore promoting women empowerment
– www.villageweaversnetwork.com

GREENDEL – an environmentally friendly awareness campaign initiated by the Midel Group that promotes recycling waste, planting of trees, energy conservation and rainwater harvesting. The Midel Group encourages it’s vast clientele to participate
– www.midelmanagement/environmental-policy/

THE DICKENS SANOMI FOUNDATION- a not for profit foundation that supports the youth of Nigeria academically and other wise by awarding them scholarships , medical and humanitarian assistance where possible.
– www.dickenssanomi.org

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