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As the saying goes; “anything worth doing at all, is worth doing well”. Managing work and personal business can be quite challenging and sometimes provoking, especially when you fail to design a plan to handle unforeseen event or crisis in the cause of managing your work and personal business. There are ways this could be done; all you have to do is to define what you really want and think of the major reason why you set up a personal business, despite the fact you had a job to attend to as early as 5am and close later in the day.

This initial reason should be worth it and stand as a major foundation for other reasons. Having a personal business is great so is having a job; therefore there should not be any misconception of priorities. There are two advantages of having your own business, which are being your own boss and making extra cash. Also working gives you an edge, as utilizing your work experiences, you get to do things better than your boss at work, learn from the mistakes your company and avoiding the occurrence in your own business. Now back to the subject matter, here are easy and possible ways of managing work and personal business.

Make use your time smartly; it’s no news that time and life complements each other. The way you program your time will reflect a great deal in your life, and using your time the smartly will give you the much needed success in your work-life and business-life. Be considerate when it comes to time, be a time planner, designate sufficient time to each segment of your life and please try not to mix them up. If you are very busy at work, then you should employ a trusted person that will be dedicated to your business when you are at work, especially when it’s a new business and just coming up. It is not advisable to employ just anyone to manage it for you, you can involve a less busy and honest family member or even your spouse. Always utilize your time effectively, prioritize and carryout efficient planning. Remember you still have your personal life to deal with too, hence do the right thing at the right time, and be in charge of your time, don’t let it be in charge of you.

Be self disciplined, sleeping during work hours is not the best way to use your free time, in terms of meeting the demands of your customers. When you are free at work, try and do some personal business work or attend to some of your customers that have pending requested for your products and services. This w will be an opportunity for you to make more profit and get more jobs done. You wouldn’t want to lose profits, as the saying goes “A stitch in time, saves nine”. Don’t forget to take a break, all work and no rest may lead to a sudden breakdown and remember your health is superior.

When merging work and personal Business; ponder on how compatible these two priorities are and if you’re current job is giving you some extra time to attend to your personal business. If not, do some re-adjustments and re-strategize. From the inception of the business plan, you need to have considered all this. Nothing is ever too much except if we make it so, don’t quit your job but make things better. Boost your dedication towards your job with your business passion. You have started the business journey so don’t look back, focus more on providing solutions.

Having an unending positive mental attitude cannot be over emphasized, being able to create more wealth outside a regular income is a positive mental attitude and the continuity of this attitude is key. A positive mental attitude is necessary for achievement in any field of study and all walks of life. If you don’t have one, then it’s high time you start developing it. If you want your business to flourish and avoid unfavorable conflicts with your job, be wise and nurture a positive mental attitude that will take you a long way in life, as the saying goes; “Life is nice to those who are wise”.

Perform regular analysis and evaluation; just like in governance, there should be checks and balances. Ensure you’re getting the right results and not wasting your time; analyze your business in terms of how far have you’ve gone. Also evaluate your work- life, looking at how well are you doing, as there should be a direct relationship and not an inverse one. the more dedication and designation of time you give to both, the more desired results you get. Except your personal business works with season, you should have no excuse for troubles and failures in either your business or work. Check and balance is vital, always run a quick analysis on the current state of your business and work, in order not to run any down.

Finally we hope these tips will help you in managing work and personal business better, remember he who fails to plan, plans to fail. For the time being, your work is as relevant as your personal business and vice versa. The strategies given above will certainly make your work and business blossom. Take a bold step and start employing them, as they come with their attached rewards.





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