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Working at an office has a very official and classy tune to it, which makes majority of the labour market very eager and interested in getting an office job. Though most of us are very excited about our office job, we also tend to worry about the extra pounds we pack on our mid and lower region, which does not flow well with the kind of image we want for ourselves. Keeping the body fit at work might sound easy but difficult to accomplish, especially with all those irresistible birthday cakes, free office lunch and that eatery around the corner where delicious pastries are being sold. However when it comes to work related issues, we’ve got your back and that’s we will be giving you awesome tips on keeping the body fit at work.

The first tip we are going to give you is to capitalize on your daily journey to work. Instead of taking a ride all the way to your work place, stop some miles away from your office and continue the rest of the journey with your feet. If you drive, why not park far away from your office so you can engage in a morning walk, which is very effective. Also, you have the opportunity of walking back to your car once you’re done with work for the day. This might be very uncomfortable, but will do a lot for the wellbeing of your body.

If you have a sedentary job or just sit all day at work, you need to take it upon yourself and create a “fitness time-plan” for your body’s own good. A “fitness time-plan” is a written schedule on when to leave your seat and do some indoors or outdoors exercise. For this type of exercise make use of free hours such as lunch time or when you have nothing doing. If your office is one with stairs, make use of them, you can walk the stairs for 10 to 15 minutes. If there are no stairs then take a walk around the environs of your workplace. Make sure you have this exercise schedule written down with the time available to do these exercises for it to be coordinated and consistent.

Take advantage of your colleagues at work; get them on board with your plans of keeping fit and losing those excess calories you inherited from work. This will boost your motivation, and also your colleagues will known better than to ask you to have a frizzy drink or a piece of that red velvet cake. Some of your colleagues may even have wonderful fitness tips and advice to share with you. Always alert others on your weight loss journey and plans to keep fit, this makes your fitness goals easier to accomplish.

Forget your office has an elevator and use the stairs; this is the cheapest and easiest way to keep the body fit. As from today challenge yourself, don’t take the easy way out, instead of using the water dispenser on your floor, get water from the one in the next floor. Always take advantage of any opportunity to move your body, instead of just sitting down for long hours and avoiding anything that will make you leave your comfort zone.

Try and engage in some abdominal exercises on your seat and wall press-ups. While on your seat you can do some leg raises by holding on to your chair and lifting both legs. Another abdominal exercise you can do on your seat is sucking in your tummy for some seconds and releasing it; you can do 20 reps a day. Also while sitting try not to slouch, but sit-up straight. Make use of the office walls, do some push-ups and squats using the walls for support.

According to research one of the worst things that can be done to the body is to keep it still for long, this hardens the bones, muscles and joints. Always stretch, get up from your chair and stretch every one hour. This will help in the reduction of the aches and stiffness the body may experience from sitting for long hours. This will motivate you and enhance general activities to be physically fit. However ensure your body is in good condition before you engage in any extreme physical activity.

For some of us, our fitness is all in a day’s work; with the physical nature of our jobs we don’t need to go to a gym. However there are some of us who don’t get involved in any physical activity, as our jobs are rather sedentary. Owing to the health and fat-burning rewards of staying active, it important you try and exercise and move your body regularly as much as you can. It’s not going to be easy but always remember that health is wealth, and in order to stay healthy you need to keep the body fit wherever you are, even at work.



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