How to Cope as a Woman at the Top


With greater height comes greater responsibility and what a man can do, a woman can do too. Don’t be naive when you rise through the rank, it’s a worthy height. You’re not inferior as a woman, always remember you are capable and up to the task. Here are effective tips on how to cope as a woman at the top;

Believe In Yourself: You have to believe, and always tell yourself can do it. Believe in your instincts and don’t feel inferior to your male counterparts. Yes, it’s a great task but you have to do it and even more diligently. Groom a positive mental attitude towards the great responsibility and duty assigned to you. Don’t be afraid of heights, there are steps to it. Take the bull by the horns and follow your great cause. Your closest friend is yourself; be a friend to yourself, believe and you’ll be able to handle your leadership duties effectively.

Be Humble: Humility is key in every human and business relationship. To cope as a woman at the top, you have to showcase humility. Leaders are meant to be humble; it’s one the qualities a leader should possess. It means you are capable of carrying out your tasks with the co-operation of your subordinates. Humility breeds unity and this is needed for organizational growth. Be humble and lead by example.

Be Intelligent: You have to prove that you’re as fit for the position as the other male counterparts. There is no room for inferiority complex; be intelligent and show it. Know when and how to get things done. Embrace intelligence and you’ll be able to cope as a woman at the top.

Be Modest: Modesty is vital. It’s a behavior, manner, or appearance intended to avoid impropriety or indecency. In that position, you need to portray modesty; in your attitude be decent, in your words be decent, in your appearance be decent. Wear what you are or what you have become. You are the boss and should dress like one. Be neat, fashion conscious and be modest. Let your looks command respect.

Be Healthy: There are great duties right in front of you. You have to be healthy to carry them out. Eat a balanced diet meal. Take note of your body and care about your body systems. Go for regular check-ups, eat well and rest well too. Drink a lot of water and do some helpful exercises. Read about health and be well informed in this area. To cope as a woman at the top, you have to be very healthy.

Be Informed: Appreciate helpful information, do researches and brainstorming. Be current and know what’s new in your area of specialization, duty and cause. To cope, you have to be informed. You have to measure up with people in the same rank as you. To stay at the top, you have to be enlightened, current with present trends and be informed.

Be Outspoken: You shouldn’t be timid, speak up and out where and when necessary. Don’t be shy, be bold and be outspoken. You need to stand out (in speeches and in deeds) Speak with boldness and speak with intelligence. To cope as a woman at the top, you have to be outspoken. Speak boldly and intelligently.

Be Creative: Do the right thing at the right time. Create ideas and formulate great policies. Possess distinctive competence and be outstandingly different from your mates especially the males. Say no to intimidation. Creativeness is essential if you want to cope as a woman at the top.

Be Attentive: Be quick to listen and humble enough to embrace the ideas of your subordinates. Be attentive to every detail that will support and help uplift your cause. Be eager to know and learn more. Use your ears and instincts more than your lips. Be attentive.

Be Soft Spoken: You can’t cope at the top if you’re ill mannered. There are quite a number of competent colleagues, who will love to be in your shoes and are waiting for one drastic error to nail against you. You have to be careful not to be identified with a harsh tone always. Be soft spoken, it shows how responsible and friendly you are. Of course, don’t be timid or dull but be soft spoken. As a woman at the top, you need to possess this quality. Build and work on yourself and by doing all these, you’ll certainly find it easy coping at the top as a woman. All the best!

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