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Getting a job is most  of the time seen as a major challenge, especially now that the  labour market is getting more competitive. However if you do the right thing during job interviews, the challenges of getting a job in a competitive market would not hit you so hard. Here are some easy tips on having a good interview, and getting that dream job that seemed so elusive. First of all before you engage in job hunting, ensure that your resume is well detailed and up-to-date. Your resume is a very important representation of who you are, what you can offer and where you’re coming from. The CV determines if the employer wants to have a chat with you or not. When writing your resume, try to be as honest as possible.

Filling your resume with false information will definitely get you into trouble one day, so be original and truthful when writing your resume. During interviews, use active verbs when describing all you did at your former workplace and also make more professional sentences. For example,, instead of saying ” I worked as an Admin Assistant” say “ I was working as an Admin Assistant, where made sure staffs had all they needed, to work efficiently and handling minor administrative activities”. Always proofread your CV. Going through your resume for grammatical or spelling errors over and over again isn’t such a bad idea. You can never be too careful when it comes to your resume. Even a simple typo could have a negative impact on your ability to get an interview. With that being said, ensure to pay close attention to every detail on your resume. Also have a couple of people look at your resume.

Always prepare yourself for this question “tell me about yourself” and try not to over to it with your answer. When s you’re being asked this question, the interviewer doesn’t want to know your history, he /she just want you to feel relaxed, get a brief insight of your background, your major accomplishments and why you’ve chosen to work at the company. So your reply shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes. Make a list of skills and competences related to work, which you would like to develop and acquire. Most employers are interested in how you intend to become a better employee, during interviews.

Carefully think about the skills that will make you more competent for the position you’re applying for, and at the same time look for books and upcoming seminars that will significantly enhance your skills. In an interview, make the employer aware of what you’re doing in terms of enhancing your skills and competencies. Try not to be nervous and make sure you communicating effectively. Employers tend to value and recruit people who possess the ability of expressing their verbal and written thoughts, in an efficient manner. People, who usually land good jobs easily, are those that are highly competent in speaking and writing.

Lastly, sometimes you have to prepare yourself for interviews, no matter how irrelevant you might think it is. Most people tend to be confused or blab during interviews because they were asked questions they never thought would be so complicated. Always research about the position being applied for and the company in question, the information gotten from such researches go a long way during interviews. We hope these easy tips get you that dream job you’ve always wanted.



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