The month of February started with the Cottage One Pop Up exhibition, which was held at the HFIA Garden, Garki on the 2nd of February, 2020.We received lots of Visitors /Buyers at our booth, and we made sales of ₦12,000.We also gave out our fliers, and answered lots of questions from our prospective customers who promised to patronise us.
We had our monthly meeting with the Village Weavers on the 11th February, 2020. It was another moment of joy as the women were given monies made from rugs sold at the different distribution outlets and the February 2nd exhibition.
There were no complains from the women as they seemed satisfied with the business so far.
We hope for more productive days ahead. Share some love today with the Village Weavers by getting these lovely pieces for your friends, family & loved ones this season..
The Village Weavers Team wishes everyone a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY with lots of LOVE!!!

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