On the 17th of June,2014 the Midel Center and her residents hosted students from the New Capital School,Asokoro on an excursion themed-“Entrepreneurship”-Achieving your dreams.
The students had an amazing time as we had different residents speak to them on different vocations.

We had Mrs Eghogho Adoghe-Sanomi of Midel Management ( Suite 408) talk to the students about the art of starting a business and she cited different prominent Nigerian entrepreneurs of different fields.
Barrister Okeke of O.D Okeke&Associates ( Suite 401) talk to the students on becoming Lawyers and the Law works
Mrs Rahila Thomas of AF Mercados ( Suite 202 a) talked to them on the subject of Energy and being an international energy distributor.
Ms Emo Omene of Greenhouse ( Suite 404) Nigeria Ltd talked to the children on the subject of environmental friendliness and how it contributes to our society.
Mr Gabriel Ekanem of Weircapacity Ltd( Suite 303)  talked to them on the subject of Consultancy in the engineering field.

At the end of the talk,the students were asked to create a product and market it to the entire class with the winning group of students going home with prizes.

It was a fulfilling experience for all.


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