There’s a reason for the business phrase -“ The Customer is King”.
In truth, all business concepts are designed with the customer as first consideration – How to lure them, how to please them and most importantly, how to keep them.

I’ve rummaged my mind and tried to come up with a business module that counters this phrase but can’t seem to find one.
Businesses without customers/clients – I would like to think – are like a “Ying” without his “Yang”, a Juliet without her Romeo.
You see, running a business in my opinion is an act of service.
A choice an organization consciously makes to lay aside inhibitions and pretext – placing others first while trying to make a profit.
It is humility embroidered with set rules on how best to satisfy thy neighbor.
Businesses have no choice but to always intricately design their code of conduct with all satisfaction rights given freely to their clientele.

I think that most African businesses don’t recognize that their very first set of customers are their employees.
Statistics show that happy employees equal happy customers and happy customers equal profits.
Who best to transfer the cultures, ethics and best quality standards of royalty to the target market than the kingmakers (employees)?  
Employees must be made to feel important through their work and by their workplace to in turn enable them appreciate the importance of their end users.

With this in mind, the ultimate point of eminence here is the organization’s external customers who are at the peak of relevance.
We now live in an interconnected world where the local targeted markets have been automatically thrust into a global one – all through the click of a button.
It has now become imperative for businesses to have a local focus with a global view.
If your local customers are not pleased with products and/or services (especially with your customer care department), it can very quickly become global knowledge, which if left untreated, can result in the business suffering and imminently grinding to a halt. The reverse will be the case if all customers (internal and external) are pleased.

No organization (Founder, CEO, manager and employees) would want to see their hard work go down the drain due to neglect of what brought to their establishment in the first place?

Appreciation of customer patronage, gratitude for their loyalty and tribute to customer retention must be foremost in any business concept and plan, otherwise….

So let’s hear the businesses salute!

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