10 Ways Bosses Can Gain Staff Admiration and Respect




Attitude is almost everything in business; you can’t stay long in business with a defective attitude. A boss is seen as a leader and teacher, so a good character is required of him…it is necessary! Playing the lead role is a great responsibility and only those who have good attitudes can perform effectively and efficiently. A boss should be the king just like the lion in the jungle but in this case, a friendly lion. To meet organizational targets and goals, you have to maintain good rapport with your staff. You can’t expect to have excited staffs in an unfriendly and harsh environment; hence it’s best to gain their admiration and respect for business sake at least. Here are 10 ways bosses can gain staff admiration and respect.


Good Attitude: Yes! Portray good attitude and you’ll command respect and admiration from your employees. Don’t be a bully or be filled with a deadly pride because you’re the owner or the overall boss in the organization. Good rapport between you and your employees is very important. Be humble enough to lead them into business excellence.


Non Delay of Salary: Prompt payment of salaries shows the company is committed and reliable, and this also speaks well of the boss in charge. This will encourage the staffs to do more, that is, be more productive. Working for thirty or thirty-one days and not being paid as at when due will lead to disrespect and disregard. Pay them and gain staff admiration and respect.


Be Punctual to Meetings: You don’t have to keep the staffs waiting because you’re the boss; you feel its okay to get to the meeting anytime. “At least am present “, you say to yourself. They will grumble and have the feeling you don’t respect their time and their contributions to the growth of the organization.


Employees’ Appraisal: Recognizing and awarding very productive and intelligent staffs will buy their hearts completely. Once in a while, as a boss, appraise your staffs. This will encourage healthy competitions within the organization and facilitate business growth, and of course, give you the respect you deserve including more.


Lead by Example: As a boss, be an example of what you do and stand for. Have a positive mental attitude that will make your employees look up to you. Possess some impressive skills they can learn from and work on. Don’t just be a boss, portray distinctive competence.


Don’t Joke With Their Allowances And Try To Set Up Beneficial Schemes For Them:

Apart from their basic salaries, show them you care and you’re committed to the job contract. Do a little more, like buying a group life insurance scheme in case the unexpected events, their beneficiaries will have something to fall back on, be an employer with a difference and you’ll be respected beyond measures.


Appreciate and Welcome their Ideas and Suggestions: Don’t look down on their instincts, appreciate them when they do some brainstorming. Applaud their confidence and encourage them. They’ll admire and respect you.


Reciprocate Respect: Yes, you are the boss and you need to be respected but you have to reciprocate the respect given to you. That’s a sign of good leadership. If you do this, you’ll be loved by your employees and they’ll see you as a friend and confidant. They will respect and admire you for that.


Good Communication: There should be good flow of communication and the right use of words when communicating with your staffs. Proper use of words to your subordinates will make them admire and respect you. Be a boss of good words!


Have A Good Dress Sense: Be modest, be decent and portray the class you belong to as boss! Your dress sense should show it. Dress neatly too. Know how to dress and if you don’t know how, learn it. Let your employees see you as a corporate fashion icon. They’ll be proud of you anytime and anywhere. They’ll respect and also have great admiration for you. Be a boss with an impressive difference and you’ll gain your staffs’ respect and admiration.


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