10 tips for proper event management


Are you an event planner? If yes, then here are 10 tips for proper event management.

Planning: You’re a planner so the first thing you should do is to think and plan. Planning is necessary in event management. What’s the size of the event; big, medium or small? What are the necessary things needed to make it work? Everything about event management is garnished with proper planning. Planning is your first and primary assignment. Define your goals and understand your vision. Think ahead, plan ahead!

Organizing: Everything as to be orderly, confusion isn’t permitted. Organize your plans and don’t just filter them, use your instincts. What’s the next step to take? How do I get things done? These questions can only be answered when there is proper organization. Organize your motives and laid down plans.

Teamwork: Now, who do you involve? Like minds, yes! Get those who are willing to work as event managers. People who have the same vision as you will make the job easier and faster. You can also involve experienced hands. You can’t handle all, by yourself; create sub-teams among the main team. Make some of your team members a supervisor, some in charge of transportation, another group to handle decorations or catering, and so on. Teamwork is very rewarding.

Time Management: You can’t be a manager if you can’t manage your time. In event management, everything has to do with time. Time is money. Make it effective, know your schedule and abide by it; work with your schedule and don’t make a mess of it. You can’t cheat time; time spent cannot be bought and it waits for no one. Don’t lose customers due to improper time usage; for proper event management, use your time efficiently.

Task Management: Know the tasks ahead of you; do you have available ushers for the event? What more do the customers want and expect? Are all hands on deck? What is missing? All these questions shouldn’t be rhetorical. At this point, you should be getting positive results from your team members on their individual task.

Right Funding: Resources? Yes! But that isn’t enough; it has to be properly utilized. Know how much you need, how much you can get and how much is available. Then, do the first things first. Don’t be in a haste to disburse cash; event management entails a whole lot of things and if you want to do it proper, you have to use your head when utilizing resources. Right funding is key in event management.

Necessary Materials: Decorations, speakers, chairs/tables, a disc jockey if demanded, ushers/attendants, catering materials and other required materials should be intact. Be an event planner with class; a classy planner who keeps getting jobs. For proper event management, get all necessary materials (labor and equipments)

Location knowledge: Know the venue and also the route and possible routes to the venue. Before the event, squeeze out time to study the environment. Do a survey and if possible ask some necessary questions from people living around the location

Security: This is very essential, as you have to be able to provide maximum security. If the hall is being guarded by security guards, work with them. Don’t puncture the goodwill your event management company has been nurturing.

Directing and Monitoring: Planning is first and now at every stage you need to direct and monitor. You have to direct and monitor each process and every aspect. Correct mistakes, re-schedule failed appointments, re-arrange some plans, refurbish your goals, direct and monitor your team members. On the day of the event, do the same. Direct and Monitor; anything that starts well should end well.

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