10 Things You Shouldn’t Do At Work


In every working-place, we always find others or ourselves doing the wrong things without knowing it. Are you one of those that do things they shouldn’t do at work? If yes, then you should know that work means business and business means productivity and productivity means wealth, hence don’t disrupt this unbiased chain. Here are 10 things you shouldn’t do at work.

Don’t wear a frown: You shouldn’t wear a frown when you’re at work; your body language includes your facial expression. You should always wear a smile and create a friendly atmosphere.

Don’t Be A Gossip: There will always be a colleague that will step on your toe but that shouldn’t create an avenue to gang up and gossip. You should always strive to be self disciplined and try to maintain a good rapport with your colleagues and boss. Gossip will only create enmity and unhealthy rivalry in your business environment. It will also tarnish your image in the company.

Don’t Use Abusive or Insulting Words: You should always mind the words you use at work. Be very polite, bad words are unofficial and improper in a business environment. Say “I’m sorry, thank you and please” when necessary. Don’t be rude in actions and in words. Be morally good. Be respectful, be submissive and humble. Avoid the use of aggressive words even when you’re highly upset. It’s better to keep silent than to use harsh words in communication.

Don’t Sleep When You Need To Work: You have to be active and diligent, don’t sleep while work is on. It’s okay to be tired but sleeping isn’t proper. You can take a nap during lunch break but don’t go farther than that. There are files you need to attend to, business calls to make and appointments to take note of. Don’t be lazy, you’re being paid for what you do so don’t breach the job contract you consented to.

Avoid Your Bad Homely Habits: Eating your fingernails, chewing gums so loud, hissing, laughing out loud, using your finger to clean your nose, stamping your feet to the ground, cracking your knuckles, slamming the door and so on, don’t disrupt others with your uninviting habits. Don’t do them at work.

Don’t Do The Right Thing At The Wrong Time: Time Management is key in any business organization. As an employee you should understand the time management principle, “do the right thing at the right time” not the opposite. At work, don’t do the right thing at the wrong time, you should be used to your daily schedule, draft the best ways to go about it and embrace it with an effective time management principle.

Don’t Litter Your Office and Environment: How neat and healthy your work environment is says a lot about you too. Use the waste bin instead of littering everywhere with sweet packs, lunch packs, plastic juice bottles, amongst others. Tidiness is very important in a business place. A business environment must be clean and health. You as an employee should promote healthiness and being tidy.

Don’t Eavesdrop Conversations: If they wanted you to be part of it, they would have sought your attention or invited you to join the chat. You should learn to mind your own business. Don’t be too forward and don’t play “I know all”. Be disciplined and don’t let your colleagues feel unsafe with you because of your nosy attitude. Be at your desk except your attention is needed.

Don’t Become The Office Pessimist: As far as you’re concerned, no new idea is good enough. You don’t create yours and still you stand against the ideas of others without reasonable reasons. Don’t be a negative thinker; imbibe the we-can-do-it-attitude, crave to be a team leader and be an effective team member. Don’t embrace a negative mental attitude especially at work.

Don’t Talk Evil of Your Boss: If you’re consistently diligent, you’ll also be a boss one day. There and then you’ll understand that “what goes around comes around”. Don’t expect to have a perfect boss; you still have some work to do on yourself too. Accept him for who he is, talk about how to improve the company’s productivity rather than fostering bad communication with your colleagues. Be a good example in everything and don’t be an enemy to good flow of information and good communication. Don’t talk bad about your boss, be the best you can be and avoid things that can damage your work-life.

photo-credit; salary.com

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