The Dickens Sanomi Foundation

The Dickens Sanomi Foundation (DSF) was founded in 2011 by the children of Dickens Oghenereumu Patrick Sanomi. It serves both to commemorate the life of this remarkable man and to provide charitable support for that particular objective upon which he placed such great value, the education of Nigeria’s youth.

Mr Sanomi was a prominent figure in public life and an inspiration to his colleagues within the Nigerian Police Force, of which he was the Deputy Inspector General. He was also a keen sportsman, being personally involved in the training of Nigeria’s first Olympic gold medal winning athlete, an avid writer and an active supporter of the arts.

The resources of the Dickens Sanomi Foundation are used to deliver and support charitable projects whose aims and activities are in accord with Mr Sanomi’s own passions during his lifetime. Examples of these include essay competitions, musical outreach programmes, and literacy awareness campaigns. The direct beneficiaries of the Foundation’s activities are Nigerian youths of secondary school age, but their schools and communities also benefit via the additional support that the DSF provides.

In 2012 the Dickens Sanomi Foundation delivered a substantial disaster relief package to residents of Nigeria’s Delta and Bayelsa states who had been affected by the flooding of the River Niger. The DSF was directly responsible for the rescue of 12,300 people and provided supplies and equipment that benefited countless more. This intervention marked the Foundation’s first steps in the provision of direct humanitarian aid, and was praised by both the inhabitants of the affected areas and the officials in charge of coordinating the government’s response.

Throughout our work, our primary goal is to relieve the effects of socio-economic hardship amongst young Nigerians from vulnerable backgrounds, and to empower them with the knowledge they need to secure a brighter future for themselves and for Nigeria as a whole. In this way we hope that our work will contribute towards the achievement of the government’s 2020 Vision for our country.

The activities of the DSF are currently confined to Nigeria, with funding being provided by the Taleveras Group and the Midel Group. The trustees hope that through effective partnerships with other organisations, both charitable and commercial, it will eventually be possible to extend the activities of the Foundation to other African nations.