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AF-Mercados EMI is a specialist consulting and transaction advisory firm based in Madrid, with regional offices in EdinburghRomeAnkara, Istanbul,MoscowNew Delhi , Riyadh, and Abuja.In its nearly 20-year history, the company has evolved from a focus largely on energy sector restructuring, policy and regulation to an integrated practice that supports sustainable energy development through public and private initiatives, market-based mechanisms and efficient management on national, regional and corporate levels.

AF-Mercados EMI integrates its in-depth experience and long history in the detailed development of electricity and gas policy, utilities regulation and markets, with the needs of the global economy for reliable and sustainable energy infrastructure.

We support governments to integrate low carbon energy policy objectives – the use of renewable energies, energy efficiency and carbon-reductions strategies – and up to date incentive mechanisms into a realistic regulation and sector operation.

With the understanding of how markets & policies affect investors, we also actively assist private firms to meet the ever-growing demands for affordable electricity and natural gas supply, advising on financially solid investment opportunities in infrastructure and supply.

Our approach combines innovation and experience, state-of-the-art techniques with practical, tailor-made solutions to today’s energy sector challenges. Our key people offer both, academic qualification and the experience of having held top positions in government, regulatory authorities and corporations. In addition our multinational, multicultural footprint and our background of having worked in more than 60 countries around the world allows us to bring a global perspective to local and regional issues.

Since December 2010 AF-Mercados EMI is a member company of the ÅF Group, one of the largest and fastest-growing engineering and consultancy businesses in Europe, with headquarters in Stockholm and strong presence in Scandinavia, Finland, the Baltic countries, Russia and Switzerland. Being now AF allows to AF Mercados EMI to ensure our clients an integral support in every aspect of the development and operation of infrastructures, in the energy sector and beyond.




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