Fire Drill Training

On Friday the 20th of September 2013, The Abuja Fire department conducted a fire training and evacuation drill at the Midel Center. The exercise was conducted successfully and the Midel group was thoroughly educated in causes of fire, types of fire and the best methods…

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Midel Group Brings Theatre Back!!

Today the Midel Group enthusiastically supported the Krump Dance Theatre’s Nigerian interpretation of legendary musical movie Grease! Krump’s version, Grease Naija Mix, aims to provide jobs and opportunities for talented young dance and theatrical performers by creating a showcase for their talents. It’s also designed…

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Healthcare Training

Songhai Health Care Trust today educated members of Midel Group staff on the importance of health care insurance. The session was held in the Midel Center’s purpose built training and conference room.   The Songhai team explained to attendees that, with Midel Group’s participation in…

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