The Village Weavers Project

The Village Weavers Project promotes sustainable livelihoods for women in rural and urban Nigerian communities by teaching them how to upcycle discarded fabric from local tailor’s shops into beautiful rugs. Its mission is to empower local communities through innovation and recycling, to create independent living conditions for women, and to promote community-led learning, networking and skills development.

The Village Weavers Project was founded in 2013 by a group of friends that saw the importance of empowering women in the rural and urban areas in Abuja. The project equips these women with weaving skills, vital connections and a way to develop a sustainable female-led income stream. They are able to make handwoven rugs by using discarded fabric from local tailors.


The rugs are mainly produced by underprivileged women from communities in and around Abuja. The income generated by the weavers is self-sustaining, and enables them to raise the standard of living for their families – sending children to school, receiving better healthcare and raising their self-esteem and sense of self-determination.

The beautiful hand-woven rugs are created from offcut fabrics supplied by local tailors. Every rug is completely unique, and reflects the skill and creativity of its weaver. Village Weavers rugs are available in a number of sizes, and can be used as table covers, centrepiece rugs, picnic rugs, throw rugs or hanging wall art.


Phone +234 706 735 8182

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