The Green Del Program




The Midel Group has long been committed to improve our carbon foot print .

In 2013 , we launched the Greendel campaign to enlighten the Abuja private corporate sector on how a Nigerian commercial building can contribute significantly to the promotion of climate change awareness.

We are dedicated to educating our residents and visitors on the separation of waste for recycling purposes as well as showing them how best to re-use and recycle plastics, paper, metal, fabrics and wood.

Every November ( our Greendel month), our team creates and displays innovative ideas on how to create decorative and functional household and office objects designed for storage or aesthetics.

As part of this campaign, the Midel Center also partners with Local recycling plants and have a solar panel system that generates energy for power blackouts at night.

We are committed to the continuous education of staff and residents on the benefits and importance of our campaign and hope you join us in our endeavor.