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10 Things You Shouldn’t Do At Work

In every working-place, we always find others or ourselves doing the wrong things without knowing it. Are you one of those that do things they shouldn’t do at work? If yes, then you should know that work means business and…

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How to Advance in Your Career

Making progress in a chosen career doesn’t come easy for some people. However, to become more developed as well as move up your career-ladder, you need to be aware of basic strategies needed to become advanced, successful and highly developed…

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Ways to Make your Office Comfortable

  An office is a business room, where files and other valuable documents are kept. Also it can be individualized, if organization is not too strict. It is a place where major clients and customers are attended to, hence it…

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Signs of Knowing the Right Time to Quit

Knowing the right time to quit can be confusing but you just have to clear up the confusion and take the bold step. Is your worth commensurate to your monthly pay? Is your salary in line with your daily input…

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How to Effectively Advertise Your Services

  Advertising is very vital in any business organization. You need advertisements to grow in business, to gain popularity and to beat your competitors. Here are tips on how to effectively advertise your services. Re-branding: To effectively advertise your service,…

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10 Ways Bosses Can Gain Staff Admiration and Respect

    Attitude is almost everything in business; you can’t stay long in business with a defective attitude. A boss is seen as a leader and teacher, so a good character is required of him…it is necessary! Playing the lead…

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How to Avoid Risks in Business

A Risk is an unforeseen event which is usually unfavorable and dangerous to a business entity (both new and old businesses) but it may not be totally bad especially when it can be smartly foreseen and avoided before it occurs,…

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Being organized at work

Being organized at work is a habit that needs to be nurtured because no employer will wholeheartedly take the risk of employing someone who isn’t organized at just the first meeting and interview with that person. Being organized at work…

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Making your job fun

  Loving what you do for a living is one of the greatest feelings…Is your job fun to you? Add spice to your daily routine and spark up your day. Play the happy-to-work game. Wake up in the morning with…

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