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How your Business can Survive Globalization

Globalization is very broad and its effects are very visible in numerous aspects of our lives; career, education, business, mental orientation, just to mention a few. Sometimes we think globalization does not affect us, but it does in a great…

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How To Think Different In Business

To hit gold, you have to think gold and to stay in business, one has to think ahead of one’s competitors as well as speed up one’s business productivity. Having a good Knowledge of your business, its environment and your…

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Having Good Business Acumen‬

Having good business acumen‬, is very easy and straight forward; all you need to have in mind is that a business should have a financial motive, where input multiplies output consistently. Good productivity is a reflection of smart work and…

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How to be Employable

Employers tend to seek staff with commendable skills and character, which always sets a potential employee apart from others during recruitments. Being employable is not only based on your professionalism in your field, but deals more with your level of…

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Effective Ways to be on Top of your Job

If you just got an awesome job and want to make a good impression or seen as competent and able to deliver, then it’s important to ensure you get job done the way you’re expected to. Getting the job done…

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Planning Successful Official Gatherings

Having the skills to plan an official gathering at your work place, is a necessary skill that will certainly take you far and make you relevant at work. Though planning for official gatherings might seem like a big deal, it…

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Living Within Your Limited Resources

Human wants are unlimited and the means of acquiring them are quite limited. This brings into clarity the difference between needs and wants; creating means to satisfy the most urgent needs. Then the question arises, how does one live within…

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When to ‘Blow the whistle’ at Work

It can be very fearsome blowing the whistle at work, most especially the fear of losing your job when it involves one or more top employees in your organization. In order to be on the save side, blow the whistle…

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How to Work Smart as a Family Man

It can be really tasking coping with work and family as a man, but being a man entails working it out and working it smart. Here are few tips on how to work smart as a family man; Self Discipline:…

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10 tips for proper event management

Are you an event planner? If yes, then here are 10 tips for proper event management. Planning: You’re a planner so the first thing you should do is to think and plan. Planning is necessary in event management. What’s the…

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