Rapid response soft security.

Our soft security personnel are trained to act rapidly in the event of suspicious activity, liaising with state police where necessary. Security teams are backed up by CCTV, which continually records activity in and around your premises.

Should an incident occur, our security teams will secure the premises until the police arrive. Vigilant, courteous and quick to act, all Midel Group security teams also act as onsite traffic control and general site supervisors.

Our generators are always powered.

We install, maintain and manage generator sets for your managed premises, ensuring your business is always running at full power. Our maintenance teams keep full records of servicing, maintenance and generator repair, and include technicians and engineers to keep the power flowing at all times.

Full service cleaning.

We provide full cleaning services for all our managed properties. Keep your business running healthy with daily, weekly and monthly cleaning routines designed to maintain sanitation and a pleasant appearance. Our cleaners use the latest products to keep offices free from dust and unsanitary elements.

We’re who you call when services need attention.

Our property maintenance team includes plumbing and electrical experts, capable of performing most service repairs on the spot. With Midel Group managing your business or commercial premises, you can rely on your water and electricity supply.

Utilities management.

Got extra requirements? Ask us about administrative management. By special arrangement, Midel Group is happy to perform additional errands relating to your utilities, including taking care of your bills and payments.

Keeping your premises beautiful on the outside.

A well run office or business premises looks as good on the outside as it does on the inside. Our landscaping teams are expert in the art of garden design and maintenance. At Midel Group managed properties, we keep the grounds of our buildings beautiful throughout the year.

Helping you to save energy.

Minimise your utilities costs and keep your premises environmentally sound with our energy saving strategies. Midel Group can audit your current energy performance, and suggest changes to facilities to help you bring down your energy use and boost your bottom line.

Health and safety assessments.

A healthy workplace is a productive workplace. Minimise your tenants’employee absence, boost productivity and comply with all the latest legislation with our health and safety assessments and compliance recommendations. Together, we’ll keep your offices safe.

Tenant selection.

We also operate a tenant selection service for our managed properties, helping property owners to ensure reliable and profitable occupancy for every unit.

Additional services.

Whatever your property needs, Midel Group is here to deliver. Our support teams provide 24 hour backup for all essential and nonessential services, and our strategic staff offer ongoing advice on making your building work better for you, including space management and extra facilities maintenance (such as pool maintenance).

Regular reports.

Midel Group tenders building condition and service reports on a monthly, quarterly or biannual basis.

A dedicated building manager.

When you work with Midel Group, you’ll get a dedicated building manager, who’s responsible for every aspect of your service provision. You can contact your building services manager day or night, at any time of year, and all recommendations for building or service improvement will be delivered by them.