As part of our yearly programs,
The Midel Group participated at the Abuja International Housing Show 2019 which took place at the Abuja International Conference Center from 23rd -26th July, 2019.

It was a success as a lot of clients visited our Booth, we gave out fliers, complimentary cards and the visitors/clients were welcomed and were treated to lots of our souvenirs like the customized key rings of Midel management limited,Chocolates of different kinds and the pens, they were really happy to stop by our Booth and most of them showed interest on our properties and our office spaces especially our Box office, Training Room and Boardroom, they promised to come to the office for more details, a lot of the clients surely came to the office to make enquiries while we were still at the exhibition, it was indeed a wonderful event and we look forward to attending Abuja Housing Show 2020.

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