Songhai Health Care Trust today educated members of Midel Group staff on the importance of health care insurance. The session was held in the Midel Center’s purpose built training and conference room.


The Songhai team explained to attendees that, with Midel Group’s participation in a health care plan, every member of the Midel team will be able to visit approved medical centers to receive required treatment at no cost. Midel Group employees are benefited by receiving individually designed health insurance plans, which are tailored to their needs and circumstances.


Preventive health checks, chronic illness treatment, emergency surgery, maternity treatment and HIV treatments are all covered by the Songhai health insurance plan.


The Midel Group is delighted to welcome Songhai as a health insurance partner. By ensuring our employees are able to meet all of their health requirements without worrying about immediate cost, Songhai Health Care Trust is helping Midel Group to empower and protect its workforce.

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From left;Miss Precious Francis(Office Manager Midel Group),Mr Hamza Ibrahim Baba(Senior Marketing Mnager SHTL),Miss Damilola Onos-Ekpo(Head customer care Midel Group),Mr Thomas Olabode(Marketing executive SHTL),Miss Member Washima(Facilities Manager Midel Group),Mr Benson Egooba(Marketing executive SHTL).
Mr Ibrahim Baba of Songhai Health Insurance explaining the benefits of Health Insurance to members of staff of Midel Group.

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