Our Policy

Midel Group is sensitive to its environmental obligations and seeks, in every area of the business, to:

  • continually improve our environmental performance
  • prevent all forms of pollution
  • comply with all environmental legislation, regulation and codes of practice relevant to our industry

It is the policy of Midel Group to make efficient use of natural resources by conserving energy and water, minimising waste, and recycling wherever possible.

Solar harvesting.

Midel Group harvests solar energy from solar panels, which transfer power into the Midel Center where it is used to run vital building services. Energy costs are lowered for residents and clients, and our dependence on the national grid is diminished as a result.

Waste segregation.

Our recycling initiative includes facilities for waste segregation. We are committed to educating our resident organisations on the importance of waste control, recycling and environmental protection.

Carbon reduction.

Midel Group monitors all carbon monoxide emissions made onsite, and runs generators according to a strict timetable. Onsite transport is kept to a minimum by using a staff bus rather than multiple smaller vehicles. Site vehicles are serviced regularly to maintain efficiency and reduce the emission of harmful gases.

A green supply chain.

We make every effort to ensure our suppliers, business partners and complementary service providers are environmentally friendly, both in the production and transportation of their products.

Supporting recycling.

We use recycled materials wherever possible. Midel Group uses recycled paper and encourages a paperless workforce. We also support and are in partnership with the Village Weavers Project, a charity which recycles and upcycles strips of left-over Ankara material by weaving them into mats for sale.

Ongoing training for all staff.

All Midel Group staff are given ongoing training in all environmental policy requirements.

Policy reviews.

Midel Group will review this environmental policy on an annual basis, taking into account any changes in legislation and the organisation, as well as other factors.